Chyler Leigh Pitches The Way Home Role for Supergirl Sis Melissa Benoist

Supergirl’s Danvers siblings have moved on to new TV gigs, but that’s not stopping fans — and Chyler Leigh — from wishing for a sisterly reunion.

Leigh and Melissa Benoist, of course, played Alex Danvers and Kara Danvers (aka Supergirl) on the aforementioned CW drama, which concluded its run in 2021. The actresses also formed a strong friendship while filming the show, with Leigh once describing Benoist as “my inspiration, my friend, my #soulsister” on Instagram.

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Benoist, meanwhile, told Teen Vogue in 2015 that Leigh is “so easy to hang out with and we just click really well. She’s my favorite person to do scenes with… I love working with Chyler and it really is this unbreakable bond already.”

So could the former co-stars share the screen again one day? Leigh currently stars in and executive-produces Hallmark Channel’s popular time-traveling family drama The Way Home (which has been renewed for Season 3), while Benoist headlines and produces the Max series The Girls on the Bus (which wrapped up Season 1 this past Thursday).

At a recent Emmy Awards For Your Consideration event for The Way Home, TVLine asked Leigh if she could cast Benoist in any role on the show, what would it be?

“I think maybe a Lady of the Pond,” Leigh answered, referencing the magical body of water that allows her character Kat (and her daughter Alice) to time travel. “She comes up, kind of levitating so it’s a little nod back to Supergirl. I could see her coming up and singing with her beautiful voice.”

Added Leigh: “I would love if she would be on the show. I miss her dearly.”

In other Arrowverse-adjacent news, The Girls on the Bus showrunner Rina Mimoun recently told TVLine that while Benoist and Legends of Tomorrow star Tala Ashe — who plays a Democratic presidential candidate on the Max series, while Benoist’s Sadie is a political journalist — did not share any scenes in the first season, there is potential for an Arrowverse “crossover” if the show is renewed.

“[Their] storylines never quite crossed,” Mimoun explained. “It’s funny, because we did very much think about who would make the perfect veep for [Scott Foley’s] Hot White Guy [in Season 2], and it did seem like Tala would be the one.”

(With reporting by Megan Vick)

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