Church’s Chicken Is Bringing the Heat with Its Newest Menu Item

The chain developed it with the help of pepper growers and hot sauce aficionados from a hit show on Hulu.


Church's Texas Chicken/Allrecipes

Forgive the pun, but hot sauce is hot right now and keeps getting more popular. Gone are the days of a single bottle of Tabasco in the fridge or maybe some Frank's Red Hot. These days, our condiment shelves are teeming with various hot sauces, whether store-bought, homemade, or even leftover packets from fast-food restaurants.

Church's Chicken just added a new hot sauce to its lineup, which currently includes Texas Pete's and Purple Pepper sauce. It's the restaurant's first signature hot sauce, and Church's had some help creating the sauce from pepper growers featured on the Hulu hit show "Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People."

Church’s New Signature Hot Sauce

Church's sells chicken, fried chicken, wings, sandwiches, breaded tenders, and more. While none of those items need a sauce, most people like to enjoy them with a sauce.

Two pepper growers and hot sauce aficionados featured in "Superhot," Bobby McFadden and Aurea de Guzman, helped Church's head chefs develop the sauce and its unique profile that delivers a combination of heat and sweetness with notes of habanero peppers, red chiles, roasted garlic, and flavorful spices.

On de Guzman’s Instagram account, she claims, "It will kick up the spice with everything nice!" In a video, she and McFadden enjoy what looks to be their first taste of the hot sauce in the wild, together with an order from Church's. They pull out the hot sauce cups and dip their wings in them, and we get a glimpse of what looks like a thick, orange-tinged sauce.

Church's signature hot sauce is now available at locations nationwide, and according to McFadden's Instagram post, it’s even good on Church's fried okra. 

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