Mum's genius Kmart tree hack will save your Christmas

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Toddlers and Christmas trees can now co-exist thanks to a clever hack. Photo: Getty Images

‘Tis the season to beware of falling objects, as dainty decorations hung from precarious pine needle branches are threatened by toddler terrors charging around, high on the silly season.

The perfect storm for smashed glass baubles and cuts and tears is the Christmas tree - as anyone responsible for small children or animals knows - with the low-hanging bauble a perfect target for a curious crawler.

That said, the tradition of the tree is too much for most to part with, and now one mum’s genius idea is saving parents from tree terror while keeping the Christmas spirit burning strong.

One Queensland mum has struck gold with a fresh take on the playpen, which means her eight-month-old can happily crawl around a hazard-free house, while the tree remains protected.

Hayley's idea turned the whole living room into a play space, while keeping the tree safe

Taking the $32 Kmart buy - which is actually a pet pen that many have repurposed for their kids use - mum Hayley told Yahoo Lifestyle she came up with a whole new approach to the playpen concept.

“I’d bought the playpen for our 8.5-month-old to keep her contained to play. But she kept getting grumpy not being given complete freedom,” the mum explained

That’s when she had the genius idea to kill two birds with one stone.

She explains she decided she would use the pen to house the hazardous tree, and let the bub roam free in a genius move that has other parents rushing to use it themselves.

Viral moment

The post was a hit online, attracting hundreds of responses. Photo: Facebook

Shared to a Kmart group on Facebook, the post quickly went viral with over a thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

Among the mums and dads asking advice in executing the idea in their own homes, were parents sharing their own takes on the brilliant idea.

One family's take on tree protection. Photo: Facebook
Another family had a similar idea. Photo: Facebook

The Kmart pen is available online, but for a less obstructed view like a couple of the other examples, a Bg W playpen gate may be the ticket to Christmas bliss.

The Big W Dreambaby Royale is another option online. Photo: Big W

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