Christina Tosi's Net Worth In 2024 Is a Whole Lot of (Cookie) Dough

Christina Tosi's net worth in 2024 comes from doing what she's loved since childhood — and from working really hard at it. The Milk Bar co-founder, who guest-starred on The Bear Season 3, is, at her core, just a woman who really loves cookies.

“Growing up, I was taught to love dessert," she told The New York Times. "But I'm not scared of boys or getting yelled at or carrying something heavy or being on the line. I'll scream with you, and I'll work harder than you, that's for sure, girl or boy. I do this because I would much rather eat cookie dough."

Find out how Tosi made all her figurative dough from her literal dough.

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How did Christina Tosi become famous?

Christina Tosi grew up in Springfield, Virginia, where she developed an early love of baking from both of her grandmothers, as well as her mother and aunts, she told The Guardian. When she wasn't studying or running (another of her passions), she spent summers working in a New Hampshire bakery.

After high school, Tosi enrolled James Madison University, working as a line cook and server in her spare time. She graduated with degrees in applied mathematics and Italian, and the latter was a particular love for her: She studied abroad in Florence and mulled over pursuing a career as a translator.

However, her passion for pastry won out, and Tosi moved to New York City, where she studied pastry arts at the French Culinary Institute. While studying to be a chef, Tosi worked as a hostess, then a maître d, at the Soho seafood eatery Aquagrill.

She began working at French fine dining restaurant Bouley six days a week, and she sacrificed her entire personal life to pursue her career as a pastry chef in every avenue imaginable.

"I would help people I knew who were food stylists or caterers," she told The New York Times. "For a while, I worked one day a week as an editorial assistant at Saveur. I never took time off, I was so excited about trying everything and I wanted to be the best employee. But I was a terrible family member. I missed all the holidays, birthdays and weddings back home."

She then moved to wd~50, where she worked as a pastry chef under the tutelage of her mentor Wylie Dufresne (who also showed up in Season 3 of The Bear), but realized fine dining wasn't her speed.

"I loved the challenge of working under a pastry chef, but I struggled with it," Tosi explained to The New York Times. "Certain parts of me aren't fussy enough to make those plated desserts. It doesn’t speak to me, that delicate dreaminess. I just didn't have it."

Her big break came from her other mentor, David Chang. He hired Tosi for an office job, and she'd often bring in cookies and snacks she'd baked at home to share with Chang and the rest of the staff. Her talent led Chang to task her with making a dessert (this time a strawberry shortcake made with biscuit dough) for his Ssäm bar. He then put her in charge of desserts for his entire Momofuku restaurant group.

"She's a born leader. I would throw things at her to keep her busy until I realized she needed to be her own boss. Christina had an insatiable desire to learn," Chang told The Guardian. "She just gets s—t done ... There are very few people who have the freedom to do what they want in the company. She does. I trust her completely."

Chang encouraged her to open her own shop, and she launched her first Milk Bar location in 2008. Since then, she's become synonymous with creative desserts, including her trademarked Compost Cookies, Cereal Milk soft serve and Crack Pie (later renamed Milk Bar Pie, because, well, obviously).

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What is Christina Tosi's net worth in 2024?

Christina Tosi's net worth in 2024 is estimated at $1 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Her earnings don't just come from her Milk Bar bakeries, but also from her Milk branded items, which are sold in retailers and shipped nationwide. She also works with other juggernaut brands, AdWeek notes, including Verizon, Kellogg's (there's that Cereal Milk!), Subaru, American Express and even cosmetics giant Estée Lauder.

She's also authored five books: Momofuku Milk BarMilk Bar Life: Recipes & StoriesMilk Bar: All About Cake (2018), Milk Bar: Kids Only (2020) and Every Cake Has a Story (2021). Tosi is a TV regular, including serving as the host of Netflix's Bake Squad and stints as a judge on MasterChef, MasterChef Junior and Chopped. She's also been featured in Netflix's Chef's Table and most recently, popped up in an episode of The Bear Season 3.

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Does Christina Tosi have a Michelin star?

Tosi's work with Momofuku Ko helped the restaurant earn two Michelin stars.

How many restaurants does Christina Tosi have?

Tosi owns seven Milk Bar locations in New York City, as well as one each in Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Las Vegas and Bellevue, Washington. Previous Milk Bar locations that have since closed include Toronto, Vancouver and Boston.

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Who is the owner of Milk Bar NYC?

Tosi co-owns Milk Bar locations nationwide, not just Milk Bar NYC! Chang is a partner in the business with her.

What awards has Christina Tosi won?

Tosi has won two James Beard Awards.

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