Chrissie Swan tests positive for Covid-19 with Nova radio station locked down

Nova radio host Chrissie Swan has tested positive for Covid-19, revealing to her fans that she has been “feeling tired and flat”.

“Turns out I didn’t escape Covid after all,” Chrissie said in an Instagram post.

Chrissie Swan
Chrissie Swan has revealed she has testede positive to Covid-19. Photo: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

“After feeling a bit tired and flat I took a test and it’s come back positive. I feel basically fine so far - worst is the fatigue (though I think I’ve been tired for 20 years so I’m match fit 👍🏼).”

Chrissie went on to say that she’s double vaccinated, “always checked in with the QR codes” and has “contacted EVERYONE and isolated since yesterday afternoon so as not to spread it any further.”

“I’ll be back on the airwaves soon - but from home. Update over! Don’t worry your pretty little heads about me xxx”


Chrissie said she decided to share her diagnosis because she’s “not ashamed” of it and hopes that by seeing her being so honest others “won’t feel ashamed either”.

“We’re all doing our best and sometimes that’s not enough. Stay safe, friends,” she said.

Chrissie Swan in a leopard print top
The radio star said she has been “feeling tired and flat”. Photo: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

According to the Herald Sun, the Nova and smoothfm offices have gone into lockdown, with all staff being asked to get tested.

“We are responding to a positive Covid case in our Melbourne office. Our Covid safety and response plan, which aligns with all current Victoria Government health advice and prioritises the safety of our staff, has been implemented,” a spokesperson said.

Chrissie Swan’s colleague and former Aussie rules star Jonathan Brown tested positive for Covid-19 on Saturday and her The Project co-host Peter Helliar also earlier this month revealed his positive diagnosis.

“So I was sick of friends saying they didn’t know anyone with Covid. So I went and got Covid (not deliberately of course),” he said in an Instagram post.

“The worst it got was a mild cold.

“Not because the virus didn’t have bad intentions but because science is brilliant and being fully immunised meant I had a whole bunch of vaxxy goodness protecting me.

“My family are safe and I am grateful.”

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