The Project star reveals their Covid side effects after testing positive

Just a few days after revealing that he tested positive for Covid-19, Peter Helliar has returned to The Project desk and opened up about his surprising side effects.

The 46-year-old spoke candidly about his diagnosis with co-hosts Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly and guest host Chrissie Swan, describing it as a “weird experience”.

The Project's Peter Helliar and Carrie Bickmore.
Peter Helliar spoke openly about his Covid side effects on The Project. Photos: Channel Ten

“I got Covid, yes. I’m through it now, obviously because I’m here,” he began.

“I had about three days where it felt like a pretty mild cold. I did lose taste for a couple of days and smell for about a week.

“I got some chills in the night and the after-effects of a cold, a blocked nose for about a week and a bit. But I felt protected.”


Peter went on to say that he felt “protected” because he is fully vaccinated, having received his first dose back in June.

“People will say, ‘Well you won’t know what the vaccine did because it’s the only experience you’ve had’, but I’ll tell you what, I had the vaccine and it worked as advertised,” he continued.

The Project stars.
Peter said that he felt “protected” because he’s fully vaccinated. Photo: Channel Ten

The TV star also opened up about the moment he learnt that he had Covid after waiting a while for his test results to come back.

“My reaction personally, and everyone will have their own reactions, was ‘Thank God I’ve done everything I can do’. I’m double vaxxed, so I felt pretty safe,” he detailed.

Peter first shared the health news on Friday, posting a photo of himself giving the thumbs up on Instagram.

“So I was sick of friends saying they didn’t know anyone with Covid. So I went and got Covid (not deliberately of course),” he captioned the selfie.

Peter Helliar's selfie.
Peter revealed last week that he had tested positive for Covid-19. Photo: Instagram/pjhelliar

He continued: “I am nearing the end of my quarantine and I feel absolutely fine. The worst it got was a mild cold.

“Not because the virus didn’t have bad intentions but because science is brilliant and being fully immunised meant I had a whole bunch of vaxxy goodness protecting me. My family are safe and I am grateful.”

Peter also said that he now has a “crush on science” and gushed about the health workers and services he dealt with.

“Luckily I didn’t need to go to hospital but everyone I spoke to on the phone were completely compassionate, professional, caring and incredibly patient,” he added.

“The system is undoubtedly under a great deal of stress but they are doing a wonderful job.”

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