’Chicago P.D.’s Marina Squerciati Is a ‘New Disney Princess’ in Pic From Medieval Times Chaperone Trip

Marina Squerciati

Marina Squerciati, who plays Kim Burgess in Chicago P.D., recently chaperoned a trip to Medieval Times and got into character to play a regal lady, showing off her princess vibes in a new photo.

"This faire maiden liveth her besteth life @medieval_times. She also learnth she haveth a bloodthirst for sword battles. 😳 ⚔️," wrote the actress as she brought fans along for the trip on Instagram.

In the main photo, Squerciati stood with her hands out and head up in an elegant pose, standing in front of the big jousting arena. She had on a deep red wavy wig and a tiara, while her outfit consisted of a long skirt and flowy white top.

Squerciati also shared some hilarious videos, including one in which she energetically proclaimed her support for her knight riding on horseback and another that showed her getting very into the dramatic sword fighting.

She also included a look at "reality," with Squerciati sitting on a bus as a bunch of kids loudly screamed around her, writing in the caption, "(Also, IG/reality in the last video...I did take 25 kids with me on a bus. 🫠)." Squerciati seemed to really enjoy the trip to Medieval Times, and in her Instagram Stories she confirmed that she went with her young daughter.

Fans felt like Squerciati might have a part in a Disney film in the future, with comments like, "A new Disney princess! ❤️," "Yes, fair maiden! ❤️🙌🏾🔥," and, "Soon a role in a Disney I say 🤣."

Others complimented her personality and patience, like one fan who wrote, "Marina seems to be that type of person who is the best friend anyone can have, a beautiful soul."

"Bless ye, fair maiden for thou patienth 🙏🏻," said another, while a Chicago P.D. fan joked, "So THIS is what Burgess gets up to in her spare time… jousting! 🏰."

Squerciati is currently on a well-deserved break from work, as Chicago P.D. concluded filming for Season 11 in early April.

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