'Chicago Med' Alum Torrey DeVitto Shares Bold Message About Aging

Torrey DeVitto is aging gracefully and shutting down "societal norms" in the process.

The Chicago Med alum spoke out against "fake, false, delusional" expectations in a post celebrating her birthday as she enters a new year.

In the Instagram post, she reflected on ushering in a new decade and turning 40 over the weekend on June 8, 2024.

"I don’t know a lot, but I will tell you what I do know," she opened the lengthy caption. "Societal norms are fake, false, delusional and pulled from a reality I refuse to belong to."

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She then noted why she feels that way: "I am 40 and getting married to my best friend and soulmate. I am 40 and pregnant with my first child. I am 40 and feel healthier than ever. I am 40 and feel like my life is just starting and I couldn’t be more excited for it."

The actress first announced her pregnancy on May 19 via Instagram, where she posed with her fiancé Jared LaPine, in a white dress showing off her baby bump.

"To age is the greatest gift we could ever be given in this life. Embrace it. Never run from it. We all have to do it," the June 11 upload in honor of her birthday continued to offer while suggesting, "So why not love the process together? Learn to love the changes and shifts in your body. Your body that carried you to this very moment. Your body that has worked harder for you than anyone else."

The sentiment was accompanied by a duo of snapshots where she stood in a flower field smiling. DeVitto wore a golden yellow dress covered by a jean jacket for the occasion.

The post shared more words of encouragement on aging as she spoke about where she is currently in life. "At 40 I am finally understanding what the word contentment truly means. Stop searching for the next best thing. It will get you nowhere. Life is a process, but learning to love that process for all its ups and downs are key."

"And for my last piece of 40 years young advice - for the love of god please eat good food ! Nourish yourself! And make sure you do it surrounded by the people who you truly love and love you back," DeVitto wrapped up.

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