The Chi’s Jacob Latimore and Luke James Answer Season 6’s Big Question: Who’s Scarier — Alicia or Douda? Watch!

The Chi is back this week with the kickoff to its end-of-Season-6 showdown: the ruthless Douda vs. the cunning Alicia. Both are hell-bent on destroying the other… but what about the Southside residents caught in the middle?

Ahead of the midseason premiere (streaming starting today on Paramount+ With Showtime and on demand, airing Sunday at 9/8c on Showtime), TVLine sat down with two people — Jacob Latimore, who plays Emmett, and Luke James, who plays Victor — who know what it’s like to be trapped between those Windy City warring factions. Our burning question: Who’s scarier — the former mayor or Rob’s mom?

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While Latimore chooses Douda, “I’m going to go with Alicia,” James says in the video above. “Because, if I’m to put on my Victor hat right now, I don’t know her. I know she has a lot of money. I know she has a lot of power. And there’s not a lot about her out there, and that’s scary.”

He continues, in character: “I know Douda. I know his ways, I came up under him. So I know who he is and that’s not as scary as somebody you just don’t know. Anything could happen. It’s a struggle for power.”

Episode 9 of the series, which was renewed for Season 7 earlier this week, will pick up where the midseason finale left off: just after Emmett and Rob’s failed attempt to kill Douda. The young men planned the execution with the dual intent of freeing Emmett from his steep financial obligation to Douda, and getting revenge on Douda for killing Q, Rob’s uncle. The latter part stemmed from Alicia — Q’s sister — demanding that her son carry out the murder in exchange for the cash she’d provided for her son’s new weed business with Tiffany. (Read a full recap.)

Press PLAY on the video above to hear James and Latimore tee up the second half of the season, then hit the comments with your predictions!

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