Chevy Chase's 3 Children: Caley, Emily and Cydney

Chevy Chase's daughters inherited his creativity

<p>Chevy Chase Instagram</p> Chevy Chase and Jayni Chase with their children: Cydney, Caley and Emily.

Chevy Chase Instagram

Chevy Chase and Jayni Chase with their children: Cydney, Caley and Emily.

Chevy Chase is a devoted dad to his children: Cydney, Caley and Emily.

The Saturday Night Live alum, who was born Cornelius Crane Chase, is known for his comedic chops, which he put to good use while raising his daughters with his wife, Jayni Chase.

“My dad is the funniest and most generous and loving person I know,” his youngest daughter, Emily, told Bedford & New Canaan Magazine in a March 2024 family interview. “He has a huge heart and everything he does is for us, his daughters, and our mom — who he has been completely infatuated with since 1980. We truly couldn’t ask for a better dad."

Chevy and Jayni met on the set of 1981’s Under the Rainbow, which he starred in, and she worked on as a production coordinator. The two wed in 1982, at their house in Los Angeles. The following year, they welcomed their first daughter together, Cydney, in 1983; Caley came two years later in 1985, followed by Emily in 1988.

<p>Chevy Chase Instagram</p> Chvey Chase, Jayni Chase and their daughters Cydney and Caley.

Chevy Chase Instagram

Chvey Chase, Jayni Chase and their daughters Cydney and Caley.

“Chevy was absolutely smitten with each of our daughters, and he’s been a super loving and devoted father,” Jayni shared in the interview while discussing the actor’s transition to fatherhood, adding that the highlight of their over 40-year marriage is their bond with their children.

She continued, “We’ve had lots of extraordinary friends and we’ve met a lot of high-profile people, but it’s our three fabulous daughters that matter most to us."

The trio of sisters share a close bond amongst themselves and with their parents, often sharing photos on social media of family gatherings and celebrating major milestones, from birthdays to pregnancies. They’ve each inherited their parents’ love of nature and animals, posting sweet photos with pets and on group hikes.

Here’s everything to know about Chevy Chase’s children: Cydney, Caley and Emily.

Cydney Chase, 41

<p>Chevy Chase Instagram</p> Chevy Chase and his daughter Cydney Chase.

Chevy Chase Instagram

Chevy Chase and his daughter Cydney Chase.

Chevy and wife Jayni welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Cydney Cathalene Chase, on Jan. 4, 1983.

Alongside her dad, Cydney graced the cover of PEOPLE at just 8 months old, in an interview exploring Chevy’s initial reactions to fatherhood. The actor explained that he was “terrified” before having a child, and read a variety of childcare books and attended Lamaze childbirth lessons “out of total fear.”

"But when Cyd came out, and I saw it was a girl," Chevy told PEOPLE. "I was in love immediately. I cut the umbilical cord, and I held her for the first hour. She seemed to know my voice because, of course, I had been singing and talking to her through the belly for nine months."

He revealed that he and Jayni would bathe and feed her together every night and that their first few months together were pure magic. “When I pick her up, I’m in heaven,” he said. “The first couple of years, she’ll never remember. But we’ll never forget.”

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Today, Cydney is a singer-songwriter with a passion for painting, yoga, trail running and being out in nature, all of which she documents on her Instagram page. She often accompanies her musical posts on piano or acoustic guitar, sharing covers of everything from Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” to Nirvana’s “Lithium.”

Beyond her musical talents, Cydney is an avid painter, often sharing time-lapse videos of herself painting at home. She also practices yoga regularly (occasionally alongside fellow singers like Natasha Bedingfield) and shares photos and videos from her frequent trail runs and hikes.

The singer is married to husband Ryan Bartell, a real estate agent at Keller Williams Seven Hills Realty. “I really got the handsomest, sweetest, funniest and most steadfast man I could have asked for! Thank you for standing by me and for being my One,” she captioned photos of the pair in celebration of Bartell's birthday in 2021.

She saves plenty of loving tributes for her dad as well, often praising his sense of humor. “Happy Father’s Day to a man who holds onto a sense of humor that is wildly constant and loving. Thank You, Dab, for all you do and for keeping me laughing!” she wrote alongside a photo of her parents in 2023, referring to her dad by his family nickname, “Dab.”

To mark his birthday in 2021, Cyd posted a photo of her father among a carousel of images, that included a drawing she had been working on and wanted to share with him. “Thank You for teaching me about perspective, helping give me a wonderfully colorful childhood, the joker face smile we think is endlessly entertaining (like you, funny man!) and encouraging me to continue to be creative,” she wrote, in part.

Caley Chase, 39

<p>Chevy Chase Instagram</p> Chevy Chase and his daughter Caley Chase.

Chevy Chase Instagram

Chevy Chase and his daughter Caley Chase.

Chevy and Jayni welcomed their second child, daughter Caley, on Jan. 19, 1985.

At age 10, Caley moved with her family from Los Angeles to New York. She was drawn to the entertainment industry from a young age, she recounted in a 2018 interview with Magic Image Magazine.

“I think it was originally my love of stories that drew me towards the film and television industry. I have always been very creative and loved the arts,” she explained.

The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree: Caley’s early interest in the creative arts led her to pursue acting, music and screenwriting.

“On a professional level, I am a well-trained actress. I fell in love with acting and have great respect for the craft,” she told the outlet. “I love it more and more as time goes by. As for singing, I grew up singing with my two sisters, both of whom are also very musical, so it’s definitely an important part of who I am.”

Caley later attended LOLAS Acting School in Los Angeles and became the first female pianist at The Comedy Store, an iconic comedy club in West Hollywood.

While pursuing a career in Hollywood, she hasn’t only followed in her father’s footsteps, but has also worked alongside him on several occasions. Her debut role was as a maid in 2010’s short film, Hotel Hell Vacation, which saw her dad reprise his role as Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Vacation.

They’ve also appeared together in 2013’s Before I Sleep and 2023’s Zombie Town.

While she has enjoyed sharing the screen with her dad, Caley admitted to Magic Image Magazine that it “has been both difficult and wonderful growing up with a famous father.”

“It was tricky learning how to make friends and starting to date, because some people are just enamored by fame and try to connect with you for the wrong reasons. I think any child of a celebrity deals with this in one way or another,” she told the outlet.

Still, there were plenty of upsides as well, Caley countered. “It was also great, because he’s a wonderful and hilarious dad! There was always a lot of laughter in our household — there still is!”

She also considers the Emmy-winning comedian a major mentor, noting that he taught her that the key to success is “being professional, working hard and having fun.” She went on to praise his talent, adding, “I look up to my father a lot. He is so good at what he does and I admire him so much for that. Watching him work has helped me grow as an actor.”

A fan of her dad, Caley often shares photos and tributes to him on social media, praising him in a moving tribute to “the greatest dad in the world” on Father’s Day in 2020.

“I’m so lucky to have you to bounce ideas off of, giggle with, and share stories with- through all the ups and downs," she wrote. "Thank you for challenging me to value myself and better myself. And thank you for all the incredible music you have shown me and given me. You inspire me everyday 💗💕💞 Love you so much!!”

Caley wed husband Milo in June 2022, at a ceremony attended and documented by their entire family.

Emily Chase, 36

<p>Chevy Chase Instagram</p> Chevy Chase and his daughter Emily Chase.

Chevy Chase Instagram

Chevy Chase and his daughter Emily Chase.

Chevy and Jayni welcomed their third child together, daughter Emily, on Sept. 29, 1998.

Emily shares her family’s passion for music: in addition to singing with her sisters, she started her first band at age 9, according to her Board Member bio page for Give A Note Foundation, a musical education nonprofit. She later performed in a jazz trio in Connecticut.

She also inherited her parents’ deep love of animals, often sharing photos of herself surrounded by the family pets. “We are big animal people,” Emily told the New York Post in 2022. “Between us, there are three cats, four dogs, some chickens and a couple of old horses.”

After graduating from Barnard College with a degree in political science and English, she moved to Aspen, where she worked for the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. In 2019, Emily moved to New York and began working for the National Audubon Society, where she worked her way up from a development associate to director of board engagement, according to her LinkedIn page.

Much like her older sisters, she shares a close bond with her famous father. As a self-proclaimed “#daddysgirl,” she frequently shares photos of her and her “bff” spending quality time together.

Her photos typically show the two hanging out at home, where they can be found cuddled up with their family pets or giggling through a jam session together; others highlight more public occasions, such as when she showed support for her dad at a Q&A and screening of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation at Albany’s Palace Theatre in 2021.

To ring in the actor’s milestone 80th birthday in October 2023, Emily shared a slew of photos on Instagram as she reflected on her dad's achievements in life.

“Today the big Dab is 80, and what a f-----' life he’s led. From driving NYC taxis to hosting the Oscars multiple times, he’s done more and lived harder than anyone I know,” she wrote. “At his core he is deeply loving, sensitive, and a hilarious pain in the a--. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy birthday to the bestest, mushiest, sweetest and most annoying Dab there is. My BFF!!”

On March 16, 2024, the Christmas Vacation star shared the happy news that his youngest daughter is expecting her first child — making him a grandfather for the first time.

“I can't wait to be a Grandad!” Chevy wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of himself, Emily and her partner, Alex Baglieri. “Congrats to my daughter @em_chases and @alex.baglieri ❤️.”

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