Chemist's X-rated Mother's Day gift sparks outrage

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When Mother's Day comes around, we are all on the hunt for a gift that says 'I love you, Mum' with the right mix of personalisation and practicality, but for many, there are some gifts that are simply too personal or practical for comfort.

This month, UK chemist Boots found out people's boundaries the hard way after they ran an advertisement for Mother's Day showcasing a lovely selection of sex toys.

Man handing mum Mother's Day gift sex toy debate
Most people don't imagine 'sex toy' when they imagine a thoughtful Mother's Day gift. Photo: Getty Images

Yep, in every colour, shape and function, the chemist seemed to be encouraging their social media fans to give mum a real, lasting experience this year.

"Looking for the perfect gift for your miles away mum?" one of the advertisements read. "Or your near-but-far mum? Wherever she is, we've got something she'll love."


Below a snap of a grandma and baby grandaughter was an advertisement for four different vibrators.

It wasn't the only ad either.

Boots vibrator mothers day gift ad
Another shopper spotted this baffling targeted ad. Photo: Facebook

One quick-thinking fan managed to grab a screenshot of an equally odd ad that cropped up on his timeline.

"Gifts of love this Mothers Day," a graphic over the Boots logo reads.

Once again, advertised below are a selection of the chemist's best sex toys.

The dad who spotted the ad took to Facebook to share the screengrab, joking that he 'draws the line' at gifting sex toys for Mother's Day.

Boots Chemist store mothers day sex toy gift controversy
Boots is putting its best foot forward this Mother's Day. Photo: Getty Images

"Cannot believe boots are advertising over 7 different vibrators and ‘personal massagers’ for Mother’s Day gifts," he wrote. "I'm all for sexual freedom but I draw the line at buying mum a sex toy and telling her to enjoy her present."

Others agreed in the comments but others argued that we should swallow our embarrassment to treat our mums on their special days.

"Mums need loving too," one person wrote.

Boot apologises for 'mistaken' ad

Despite the more open-minded defenders, plenty complained to Boots who quickly pulled the ads.

They said they were a mistake after two separate ads merged on social media.

"We are really sorry for any offence caused by this advert," a spokesperson told Metro UK. "This mistakenly appeared after a technical error combined two separate adverts into one."

"It was a targeted advert that was only seen by a small number of customers and it was removed as soon as we realised the error. We have put measures in place to ensure mistakes like this do not happen again, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Looks like lots of kids will be breathing a sigh of relief at the chemist's speedy backflip, but we're not sure the mums will be quite so happy.

Photo: Giphy
Photo: Giphy

If you are in the market for a sexy Mother's Day gift, or sure that your kids won't be picking you one up, the best of the best is at your fingertips online, and here are some of our top picks for loving yourself silly.

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Wild Secrets Envy, $63.99. Photo: Wild Secrets (supplied).
Wild Secrets Envy, $63.99. Photo: Wild Secrets (supplied).

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