Chemist Warehouse's $5 lucky dip bags are wowing shoppers - here's how to get one

Treat yourself for a good cause.

Run, don't walk because Chemist Warehouse is offering customers lucky dip bags full of amazing products. Excited shoppers have taken to Facebook to share the "awesome" items they've scored in the bags, which are currently available in three sizes at select stores for $5, $10 and $20.

The mystery packs can contain anything from sample-size products right through to full-sized pricey skincare and cosmetics.

One shopper said she couldn't be happier after buying two bags from her local store in Toowoomba, Queensland. "These are the $5 ones, which I'm pretty stoked about," she wrote alongside the photos of her haul.

Chemist Warehouse lucky dip bag haul
A Chemist Warehouse fan was stunned by the contents she received in two of the $5 lucky dip bags. Photo: Facebook

Inside was a makeup bag, a brush cleaning pad, three OPI nail polishes, Toni & Guy conditioner, and skincare products from La Roche-Posay — incredible value considering the OPI Nail Polishes retail for $21.95 each.

Other lucky dip bags have contained a large Maybelline eye shadow pallet, Revlon lipsticks and foundation, CeraVe hydrating cream, and various Nude By Nature products.


Another shopper was stunned to have scored herself more than $450 worth of products for just $10. "Here's a detailed photo of the products. I bought two $10 bags, and these are all I got. Worth more than $450. Yes, I counted myself because I was bored!" she explained of her lucky dip buy from her local Chemist Warehouse in Geelong, Victoria.

Chemist Warehouse lucky dip bag hauls
The lucky dip bags are available at Chemist Warehouse stores as part of the Liptember campaign for women's mental health. Photo: Facebook

Others were equally as happy with what they found in their bags. "I ended up with a Bondi Sands full size in my $10 one," one shopper wrote, with another saying, "I got perfumes for $5 each. Got Burberry, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Police, Calvin Klein, and so many more. I'm so thrilled because I got first pick — full sizes too."

A less-impressed customer questioned whether the contents of her $20 bag repesented good value, to which a fellow Facebook user gave a resounding yes. "The candid foundation RRP is around $30 each, the Sally Hanson nail polished is between $4 and $10, and Rimmel polish is around $4, and on average, makeup brushes are $10+ each, easily $80 worth here," the user said.

Chemist Warehouse lucky dip haul
The contents of a $20 lucky dip bag are worth at least $80, according to one shopper. Photo: Facebook

How to get one

The lucky dip bags are being sold at a number of Chemist Warehouse stores across the country, with proceeds going towards the Liptember campaign, supporting women's mental health.

So far, shoppers have spotted the bags in Queensland, Victoria and NSW. To pick up a surprise haul of your own, just ask at your local Chemist Warehouse store.

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