Chelsea Handler Jokingly Includes Gin and Soda on List of 17 Supplements She Takes on Tour

The comic showed bags of pills — from anti-depressants to probiotics — that she takes for her health in a video on Instagram

<p>Chelsea Handler/Instagram</p> Chrlsea Handler on Instagram

Chelsea Handler/Instagram

Chrlsea Handler on Instagram
  • Chelsea Handler, who is in the midst of her Little Big Bitch comedy tour, shared on Instagram the list of supplements she takes

  • The comic takes a mix of prescription and non-prescription medications — from zinc and Excedrin to the anti-depressant Wellbutrin

  • Handler also showed off a gin and soda, which she jokingly listed as her 17th supplement

Chelsea Handler shared the extensive list of 16 supplements — plus a cocktail — that she takes along with her on her Litle Big Bitch tour.

“Chels, do you want to go through some of your vitamins?” asks a voice off-camera on a reel the comic, 49, shared on Instagram.

“Well, they’re not vitamins,” Handler says as she sits in front of a table covered in clear plastic bags of pills as she sorted through her tablets.

“They’re supplements," she clarifies. "They’re all things that you should be taking, probably.”

She then proceeded to hold up her mix of medicines and supplements as she identified them — well, most of them.

<p>Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty</p> Chelsea Handler

Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty

Chelsea Handler

“Zinc is one,” she says before showing another bag full of vitamin D.

“This is naltrexone,” she says of another. “I’m not really sure what that does, but I itch a lot, so that stops that.”

Although some commenters pointed out that Naltrexone is often used for opioid addiction, the National Institute of Health noted that “Naltrexone inhibits the activation of MOR1 [an opioid receptor] and suppresses itching.”

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She then showed a pack of Wellbutrin, which she says is “a low-level antidepressant" that she joked she takes "because I live in America.”

Handler didn't disclose all of her supplements, though. At one point, she held up a packet of pills before shoving it to the side, saying, “Let’s not talk about that one.”

She identified another packet as potassium “for when I’m dehydrated," before proceeding to probiotics, which she takes “so I don’t get yeast infections when I take antibiotics, which I have to take almost every three weeks because I am a petri dish.”

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She then showed a package of azithromycin, an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial infections, according to the Mayo Clinic. Handler tells viewers she brings it on tour “in case I get a chest infection.”

The Chelsea Lately alum also held up a package of the steroid prednisone, which she said “could be for a multitude of things.”

Handler flashed Dr. Nigma’s Beauty in a Bottle supplements, too, admitting, “I’m not sure what this does. I guess this is for my skin and hair and nails.” She gestured to her face, saying, “I mean, obviously it’s working.”

The next bag — number 11 — is DGL Plus, which Handler says “is for my throat, so that when I perform I can talk.” However, according to the supplement’s Amazon listing, it’s for “gut health.” The former talk show host joked, “I don’t know what it does, either.”

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She also revealed she takes a cortisol balancer, which is “so I don’t get stressed.” Cortisol, as the Cleveland Clinic explains, is widely known as the “stress hormone,” as it regulates “your body's response to stress.”

Next up are plasmalogens, which the video caption says “support memory function.”

“I should actually take one of these right now,” Handler says in the video.

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Supplement 14 is Zofran, which the Cleveland Clinic says “prevents nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, radiation or surgery” — and Handler takes it “in case I get nauseated.”

“Tru Niagin, I don’t know what that is,” she says, holding up a fifteenth bag of supplements. The National Institute of Health says it can boost levels of NAD+, “an essential coenzyme that plays important roles in various metabolic pathways and increasing its overall content has been confirmed as a valuable strategy for treating a wide variety of pathophysiological conditions.”

Next up is a good ol’ drugstore brand: Excedrin which she says is “for when I have a headache,"

Finally, Handler showed off a gin and soda, “because I’m about to perform.”

She ended the video with a big smile, as the supplement counter flashed on the screen, listing the total she takes as 17. But as she joked in the video caption, “Being on tour is no joke. Especially as a pharmacological gynecologist.”

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