'Cheating' boyfriend caught out after sending parcel to another woman

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A woman has seemingly busted her boyfriend cheating, after discovering he had ordered clothes to be delivered to another woman.

User itsmollylux shared the saga in a video on TikTok, explaining the woman had contacted the fashion retailer after seeing an order confirmation in her partner's emails.

cheating tiktok story
A woman discovered her boyfriend had ordered clothes to be delivered to another woman. Photo: TikTok

"A few months ago I accidentally saw an email notification from your store on my boyfriend's email," the woman explained on the phone.

"He never gave me any clothes. He has been acting weird so I was wondering if you could check where the clothes got sent to?"


The store could not give out the address due to "privacy reason" but said they could check the name, revealing the items had been sent to a woman named 'Valery'.

"Oh my god, that's my best friend," was the woman's response.

package at front double doors
The delivery had gone to a woman named Valery. Photo: Getty

The video has since been viewed over 7 million times, after the story was originally posted to Reddit.

"Aw poor girl. Kind of you to give her a name though. I hope she dumped him," one person commented.

But plenty of people called out the label for still giving our the other order name, while others thought it didn't prove the boyfriend was being unfaithful.

"You can never divulge anything unless you are the customer," one person said.

"Plot twist he's sent it to her so he can keep it a surprise," another suggested.

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