If the Chariot tarot card shows up in a reading, here's what it means

the chariot
Let's talk about the Chariot tarot cardMargie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Are you ready to make your dreams come true? I know you are! Come on! When the Chariot pulls up in a reading, it's go time. This powerful tarot card from the Major Arcana signifies that you can have everything you want and make your dreams come true...but it’s going to take hard work, laser focus, and sheer determination to make it all happen. My advice: Make your goal the priority right now and let nothing get in your way until you arrive there. Create a plan and stick to it ruthlessly.

That’s right, babe, you’re in the driver’s seat on the road to your wildest fantasy. Even when something unexpected comes up to beg for your attention, like an unforeseen obstacle or a frustrating delay, you must not let it throw you off course. Keep going and trust in yourself, your abilities, and divine timing. Yes, doubts may creep in, but confidence is key. If you're not feeling confident, go ahead and put on a “fake it til you make it” show for everyone watching (and TBH, no one will benefit more from this display than you!) It’s wonderful to be wildly ambitious and even a little competitive, whether it’s with yourself or your peers. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! And if you need a boost, remember this: You are so powerful and capable. Don’t forget it.

The Chariot keywords

Success, triumph, overcoming obstacles, willpower, drive, motivation, control, success, discipline, focus, speed, lack of direction, obstacles.

The Chariot upright meaning

Distractions are abundant, especially in today’s mile-a-minute world. But if you want something badly enough (and from the looks of it, you do) then you need to get focused. Keep your eyes on the prize! The path to success isn’t always an easy one, and there are some road signs here that warn of twists and turns and bumps ahead. But you know exactly where your destination is, so let that be your guide. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, can get in your way!

It takes a lot of courage to take a chance on yourself and go after what you want. And we all know that a major victory isn’t going to be handed to you. In fact, you might need to sacrifice some stuff to get what you want. What does that even look like? Achieving your goal might mean less partying, less nonsense, and less tolerance of the haters in your squad. This is by no means “a no fun ever” order, but it does mean that you should get your priorities in line and take control of this situation until you accomplish whatever it is you set out to do. You’ve got this! Keep going, and don’t give up.

The Chariot reversed meaning

If something just isn’t working, you must pay attention to it. What’s the point of trying something over and over again when it isn't working? Or attempting to muster up the strength to just steamroll over it? You’re only going to exhaust yourself, and that can easily turn into a lack of motivation — and I just hate that for you!

Let’s just chill for a moment and evaluate the current situation. Challenges provide exceptional lessons, and a radical shift in perspective occurs when we embrace the sheer unpredictability of life. As much as we may try to plan for every possible bump in the road, life happens and a lot of stuff is just beyond our control. Let’s use your precious energy to focus on what you actually can control, which TBH might be very little, but that’s okay! Loosen up your grip, let go of every minute detail, and let this thing run its course. Focus on progress over perfection right now. You will still get to where you’re headed, it just might mean taking the more scenic route at a leisurely pace for a bit. Enjoy the ride!

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