Channel 10 seemingly hits back at fan theory that Chelsie wins

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On Tuesday, a fan theory that ‘exposed’ Chelsie McLeod, 28, as the winner of Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor went viral, sending viewers into a spin.

Now, with less than a day before Thursday’s grand finale, Channel 10 has seemingly come back swinging in an effort to disprove rumours that chemical engineer Chelsie wins 32-year-old astrophysicist Matt’s heart.

Does Chelsie win The Bachelor?

Eagle-eyed viewers became convinced that Matt picks Chelsie after looking back at photos of the final three contestants from several previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

In those select pics, fans noticed a trend in the positioning of the eventual winner - he or she was consistently pictured front-and-centre.

Channel 10 gaffe reveals Bachelor winner ahead of finale. Photo: Channel 10.
Does Chelsie's central position mean she wins? Photo: Channel 10.

And yep - you guessed it - the lucky lady in the middle of this year’s final three portrait is Chelsie, flanked by her fellow bachelorettes Helena Sauzier and Abbie Chatfield, leading many to assume that she goes on to win.

In what some see as a response to the Chelsie conspiracy theory, Channel 10 has released a new photo of the gorgeous trio, which both Chelsie and Abbie, 23, have shared on their Instagram accounts.

Abbie captioned a new snap of the final three, 'Couldn’t have done any part of this without these angels'. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.
Abbie captioned a new snap of the final three, 'Couldn’t have done any part of this without these angels'. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.

In the latest snap, the network has reordered the women, positioning Helena, 25, in the centre, with Abbie on her right and Chelsie on the left.

Is Channel 10 trying to throw us off the scent, or is the last-minute switch-up just a coincidence?

Does Matt dump the winner?

Whoever Matt ends up choosing, it appears that there might be trouble in paradise. Rumours are circulating that he ‘pulls a Blake Garvey’ after the finale and dumps his first choice only to start dating the runner up.

New Idea magazine cottoned on to the idea after Matt said that while he is still in a relationship, he never specified that his girlfriend is the same woman he picks at the end.

We’ll all find out when The Bachelor wraps up 7.30 Wednesday and Thursday.

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