Celeste Barber on how she's 'exploiting' new celebrity friends

Celeste Barber has revealed how she's leveraging her new celebrity relationships. Photo: Build Series
Celeste Barber has revealed how she's leveraging her new celebrity relationships. Photo: Build Series

After finding fame with hilarious celebrity parodies on Instagram, Celeste Barber is making the most of her 5.8 million followers and touring the world with her comedy show.

The Aussie social star opened up about her global success during a sit-down with Build Series recently, and explained how it’s allowed her to forge relationships with the celebrities she found fame poking fun at.

This has particularly come in handy following the release of her podcast, Celeste and her Best, which features a new celebrity guest in each episode.

“I kind of just wanted to exploit my new relationships I made with celebrities on Instagram,” she says of her tactics to get famous friends on board with the project.

“[Celebrities] are like, ‘We really love you, you’re so amazing’ and I’m like, ‘Oh thanks, can you come on my podcast please Cindy Crawford?’”

“I wanted to just chat [on the podcast] and that’s kind of my vibe anyway...so [on the podcast] we just sit in a room and chat.”

Celeste’s efforts have already seen the likes of Jennifer Coolidge and comedian Tiffany Haddish join as guests since the podcast’s launch in April.

Keeping up with Kourtney

But while she is best known for hilarious parody Instagram posts which poke fun at celebs’ often-sultry, posed looks, this has landed Celeste in hot water with several famous faces.

Kourtney Kardashian famously hit back after the comedian recreated a new photo of her alongside the caption, ‘When you’re flat out trying to keep the world interested in your talent’.

In response, Kourtney told Celeste’s mammoth following, “When you’ve got so much talent, you might as well share it.”

“Everyone was like ‘Kourtney Kardashian clapped back’ and I’m like ‘did she?’ I don’t think that’s a clap back but okay,” Celeste told Build.

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