Celeste Barber goes viral imitating Irina Shayk's bikini snap

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She’s known for her hilarious imitation of celebrity photos and Celeste Barber has gone viral once again for parodying Irina Shayk’s bikini snap.

The Aussie comedian took to her Instagram account to upload a photo showing herself wearing a green bikini and thigh high leather boots, just like Irina Shayk in her Instagram snap.

Celeste Barber and Irina Shayk
Celeste Barber has gone viral imitating Irina Shayk's bikini snap. Photo: Instagram/Celeste Barber

Striking a similar pose to Irina, Celeste can be seen holding a martini glass and leaning against a wall as she looks seductively into the camera.

“Mum’s on the wines again,” she captioned the post, which has received hundreds of comments since it was uploaded.


Celeste went viral back in February after she parodied a photo of Kendall Jenner wearing a ‘micro thong’ bikini while appearing in a campaign for her sister, Kim Kardashian’s, shapewear company, Skims.

While Kendall's photo caused uproar, with many accusing her of "promoting unrealistic body standards”, Celeste was applauded by her fans for showing a "real" body type.

"SKIMS- Now with bonus yeast infection," Celeste captioned the post, referencing Kendall Jenner's shoot for Skims, which is Kim Kardashian's lingerie brand.

"At least you look real Celeste," one fan commented, with another saying: "I'm screaming".

Later, Celeste admitted that she will never look at the photo again.

Celeste Barber and Kendall Jenner in red bikinis.
In February, Celeste was praised for parodying Kendall Jenner's micro thong bikini snap. Photo: Instagram/Celeste Barber

Speaking on the Fitzy & Wippa show, Celeste was asked if there was any photo a celebrity posted where she thought 'I just can’t do this one, it’s just crosses a a line and I can’t come back from that if I do it?”

Over the years, maybe there have been a few where I’ve gone “I don’t reckon anyone needs to see that will just stop there. However the photos that I parody now are getting more full on, like the models, what they post really is getting more full on so I just end up going with it," Celeste replied.

"There are some that I can’t look at. That Kendall Jenner one, I’m happy it got out there and everyone thinks it’s great but I will never look at that again now."

While Celeste might parody many celebrity Instagram photos, she says she never receives any backlash over the shoots.

It’s all positive really, you know it’s not, I’m not getting into them, it’s a comment on the industry more than anything and they get that. And the photos that I’m doing, they are posting them, I’m not getting them from paparazzi. It’s always, they put the photos out there and then I just have an absolute field day with them," she said.

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