Lord Alan Sugar's jab at Kyle Sandilands: 'Poor man's Howard Stern'

Aussie radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands clearly got his back up when Lord Sugar called him out on his own show this morning, saying he’s heard rumours Kyle is the ‘poor man’s version of Howard Stern’.

Lord Sugar is currently starring in Celebrity Apprentice, which features a range of Aussie stars such as The Veronicas, Martha Kalifatidis, Ross Noble and Wippa.

Lord Alan Sugar
Lord Sugar relayed a rumour he heard about Kyle Sandilands. Photo: Channel Nine

In an interview on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, Lord Sugar was talking about how shows such as Celebrity Apprentice and The X Factor originate in places like the US and the UK and when they eventually make their way onto Aussie screens, “they’re considered the poor man’s version of it”.


Lord Sugar went on to take a jab at Kyle Sandilands, saying: “I mean, someone said, I mean rumours had it, oh boy, that, so they said that you are., you are the poor man's version of Howard Stern.”

Howard Stern is known as one of the biggest radio hosts in the United States, with his show The Howard Stern Show, having millions of listeners.

Kyle Sandilands
Kyle Sandilands seemed shocked by the rumour. Photo: KIIS FM

Kyle and Jackie O seemed shocked by the reported rumours, with Jackie replying: “I feel like you’re the only one that’s saying that, I’ve never heard that before.”

Lord Sugar continued, saying: “Well that’s because the Australians won’t say it to your face.”

Kyle made sure nobody would be saying comments like that to his face saying: “If someone says that I’ll slap their face.”

Before that, Kyle gushed over Lord Sugar, telling him how much he’s been loving watching the show.

“I love that no nonsense no mucking around straight to the chase, and you haven't been consumed by all this political correct rubbish that everyone seems to be surrendering themselves to you're just cut and dry you oh you are. And there’s no apologies.”

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