Catherine Zeta-Jones shares rare photo of kids all grown up

Catherine Zeta-Jones has shared a sweet snap of her two children after spending the summer with them amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The 50-year-old Hollywood star posted a rare photo of both Dylan, 20, and Carys, 17, to her Instagram accounting, adding in the caption: “Summer officially over in our family.”

catherine zeta-jones children Dylan, 20, and Carys, 17
Catherine's children Dylan, 20, and Carys, 17, are all grown up. Photo: Instagram/catherinezetajones

“Today both our young adults go back to studying. In different, unprecedented ways,” the proud mum continued, before also adding a bit of inspiration.

“I love you both... And to all kids out there. Knowledge is the key to life. So battle through. This too shall pass.”

The children of Michael Douglas and Catherine were a regular feature alongside their parents on red carpets when they were younger, with plenty of fans blown away by how much they’ve grown up to resemble their parents.

“Beautiful kids from beautiful parents,” one fan commented.

“Oh my gosh your babies are gorgeous,” another wrote.

Zeta-jones family Dylan and Carys regularly appeared on red carpets
Dylan and Carys regularly appeared on red carpets when they were younger. Photo: Getty

A few others thought Dylan also resembled another famous face - Matt LeBlanc’s Friends character Joey.

“He looks like Joey from Friends,” one person pointed out.

While another agreed: “Beautiful children and yes I thought he looked like Joey from Friends too!”


A few months ago another photo of daughter Carys posing in a stunning floor-length silk gown in white had fans thinking they were seeing double.

Her long brown hair tricking many a fan into thinking they were looking at a throwback snap of Catherine herself.

“My girl in the garden,” the movie star captioned the image.

catherine zeta-jones and daughter carys
Fans thought Carys was a spitting image of her mother. Photo: Instagram/catherinezetajones

“I honestly thought that was you @catherinezetajones —spitting image and just as beautiful!” one fan wrote.

“She looks just like you!” another fan agreed.

“Gorgeous like her momma,” one pointed out.

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