Catherine Zeta-Jones’ daughter twins in her iconic ‘90s dress to celebrate 21st birthday

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ youngest child, Carys Douglas, just celebrated her 21st birthday in an iconic outfit.

Douglas had her milestone birthday on Saturday 20 April and recently took to Instagram to share some highlights from her special day. “The most perfect 21st I could ask for!” she captioned her carousel of photos.

In addition to images of her birthday dinner and making a wish while blowing out candles, she also showcased one image of her sitting in the grass with a friend as well as a bouquet of flowers.

Although many commenters left Douglas additional birthday wishes, others pointed out the dress she was wearing was exactly the same as one her mother previously wore.

The dress was a pale pink slip dress that Zeta-Jones had worn at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards. It featured a lace pattern across the top of the dress and along the sides with a few flowers.

“You’re wearing your mom’s dress?” one commenter questioned, noticing the resemblance.

“Your mother’s dress this is sweet Carys you’re so pretty!” another comment read.

“Wearing your mom’s dress, iconic,” a third commenter wrote. While another person added: “OMG CZJ DRESS APPEARANCE.”

Her mother even commented on the post telling her daughter: “You deserve it sweetheart.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones wore the same pink slip dress to the 1999 MTV Movie Awards (Getty Images)
Catherine Zeta-Jones wore the same pink slip dress to the 1999 MTV Movie Awards (Getty Images)

For her own birthday tribute to her daughter, the actress shared various black-and-white photos of the two of them together from when Carys was younger. “Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter @carys.douglas,” her caption began.

“You are the joy of my life. 21 years of watching you blossom into the most incredible woman you are today is a God given gift that I never take for granted and cherish every day of my life. Thank you for being you. I love you with all of my heart,” the caption concluded as she signed it with the name, Mama.

In addition to Carys, Zeta-Jones also has a 23-year-old son named Dylan Michael Douglas with her husband, actor Michael Douglas.

The Fatal Attraction star is also father to 45-year-old Cameron Douglas with his previous wife, Diandra Luker. Recently, he opened up in an interview withThe Telegraph, published on 20 April, in which he explained that he didn’t feel like the best father to Cameron because he put his career ahead of family, unlike now.

“Cameron suffered a lot during that time,” he told the outlet. “I was just overwhelmed and overloaded by my work. And family was really taking third place after work, our country and then the family as opposed to when Catherine and I got together.”

“And you’ve done enough work already that you were looking more to enjoy the opportunity and the kids,” he added.

Despite being an older parent by the time he welcomed Dylan and Carys, he and Zeta-Jones are on their way to becoming “empty nesters” as Dylan graduated from Brown University in 2022 and Carys only has one year of college left before she also graduates.

“This has been a great time for me, but I’ve been very fortunate,” Michael told The Telegraph. “Catherine and I have been together, it’ll be 25 years this year. So it’s been a good ride and I’ve been very fortunate, happy with the choices that I’ve made and now am kind of really backing off and smelling the roses a little more, travelling more.”