'Disgusting' kitty-litter cake turns tummies online

Penny Burfitt
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The original image and caption were posted in a Kmart group the the horror of (almost) everyone. Photo: Facebook/cleanyourdamnhouseBrenda

In the same way that you probably shouldn’t have opened that Airbnb door, or asked your aunty about her arthritis, some adventures of human curiosity are best left alone.

Unfortunately not everyone follows this sacred law, and the latest violation is a foray into the limits of baked goods performance art that is being blasted hotter than the oven that brought the eyesore into existence.

Shared to a Facebook group by an appropriately horrified acquaintance, is a cake arranged for some unknown reason into the likeness of a kitty litter box, with no sick detail spared and a disgustingly life-like effect.

The cake from hell

Yep, that means pellets of edible poo (yum?), a cake base of litter-like crushed biscuits and a ‘slightly microwaved’ Picnic bar.

A screenshot of the original post confirmed the ‘cake’ was for an unidentified mother’s birthday, because nothing says ‘many happy returns’ like a literal box of crap.

There were also handy details on how to make your own edible slice of hell, should you be so inclined.

Two chocolate mud cakes form the base, which are coated in the aforementioned massacred biscuits.

Like the coffin at a funeral, the microwaved picnic lays lifeless in the place of honour, and broken up Curly-Wurlys form the smattering of ‘faeces’ that pulls the whole thing together.

A photo of a cat stuck into the concoction is bizarrely censored, a red circle protecting the feline from being identified and (presumably) bullied online.

Why? Photo: Facebook

A sparkly ‘Happy Birthday’ sign tries and fails to defy the misery of the ensemble with its jaunty glitter and snappy message, and a plastic scooper (for the poo, you understand) finishes the thing off with an extra slap of realism that nobody needed.

‘Horrified’ Facebook users react

Predictably, Facebook users were horrified and weren’t afraid to say so.

“Gross,” is probably the only reaction we need to share, but here are some zingers anyway.

“I cannot even look at it without cringing and dry reaching,” was an appropriate, if extreme, reaction.

“Does she hate her mother?” another wondered.

“At least we are respecting the cat’s privacy,” another generously pointed out.

A poo-themed bandwagon

The photo has had some fans who have further horrified the masses by sharing their own cat poo themed birthday cakes.

Some even went so far as to provide picture evidence of their fun recreations of bodily functions.

Another attempt at the trend turned a couple more stomachs. Photo: Facebook
This was another variety posted in the comments. Photo: Facebook

Safe to say this cake has created a baked goods sh*t storm that nobody asked for, and I for one never wanted.

Whatever happened to the humble Thomas the Tank Engine or fairy-themed cake?

Why are people like this?

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