Woman's horrifying find behind locked Airbnb door

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor
A woman made a shocking discovery in her European Airbnb. Photo: Getty Images

Picking an Airbnb can be a time-consuming task, which mainly involves trawling through reviews and photos on the app to make sure the place isn’t going to be like a house of horrors when you land on the doorstep.

But one woman found herself in a predicament, when she opened up a locked door at her European holiday Airbnb, only to discover some very unusual objects.

Ashley Fryer took to Twitter to post photos of the items, telling people they were ‘looking for the modem, not the room of murders’.

“There’s a (formerly) locked room in our Airbnb that contains two guns, an erotic painting, and a typewriter whose keys are entirely made of teeth,” Ashley wrote.

“We’re going to die here aren’t we.”

She then posted a photo of the typewriter, with the keys made out of teeth, saying she ‘feels a bit mean posting a photo of someone else’s place so here’s a tiny snippet of the madness I’m talking about’.

Twitter erupted with people totally freaked out by Ashley’s find, telling her to get out now.

Even author Jodi Picoult volunteered to tell her story in a novel.

Take a look at the tweets below:

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