Carrie Bickmore's most memorable moments on The Project

Carrie Bickmore is the last host standing, so to speak, of The Project's original presenters, and she's finally saying her goodbyes.

Carrie shocked viewers when she announced that she would be temporarily leaving the show to spend a few months in the UK on a family adventure.

"After 13 years on The Project desk, it feels a little like long-service leave️. I’ll miss you all," she said.

Carrie Bickmore presenting on The Project in a pink dress; and at right with sunhat and sunglasses with her kids - Oliver, Adelaide and Evie - and partner Chris with a rocky backdrop.
Carrie Bickmore presenting on The Project and with her kids - Oliver, Adelaide and Evie - and partner Chris. Photo: Instagram/@bickmorecarrie


When the half-hour show first launched in 2009, Carrie was joined by hosts Charlie Pickering and Dave Hughes, as well as regular reporters Ruby Rose and James Mathison.

The show has since won eight Logies and helped Carrie win the Gold Logie in 2015.

Whether she made us laugh, cry or think, these are the moments we'll always remember Carrie for.

Choked up talking about brain cancer

Two years after losing her husband Greg Lange to brain cancer, Carrie fought back tears in 2013 as she discussed the impact of the disease on people.

While she regained her composure, it was hard not to feel for her as she relived the trauma for her family.

Touched by death of Syrian toddler

When the news story broke of the bodies of two Syrian brothers, Aylan and Galip Kurdi, aged three and five, being washed ashore on a Turkish beach in 2015, Carrie reflected the shock of many Australians.

Carrie and Waleed Aly behind the desk on The Project discussing their distress at seeing images of a Syrian toddler's body being carried ashore.
Carrie and Waleed Aly discuss their distress at seeing images of a Syrian toddler's body being carried ashore. Photo: Network 10

“I just can’t look at that without being so upset,” she said fighting back tears after watching an official carry Aylan's tiny body up the beach.

“It just makes me think about how lucky, lucky I am that I live in Australia, that my children live in Australia."

Announcing her pregnancy live on air

Aussies were thrilled for Carrie when in 2014, she revealed she was having a child with partner Chris Walker.

“Speaking of babies, I have some news for you, I am having a baby,” she announced on the show.

“My boyfriend Chris and I are expecting a baby next year,” she added.

Defending Grace Tame

Carrie Bickmore stood up to co-host Peter Van Onselen in January this year after he called sexual assault survivor Grace Tame immature.

Referring to the photos of Grace with the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Carrie said: "It seems to have made a few men uncomfortable, including you PVO, who felt the need to write an article today telling Grace how you believe she should have acted."

She also asked Peter why he thought Grace should have to stand there and smile or be silenced and not attend the morning tea at all.

Peter defended himself by saying: "If you can't show basic courtesy, I think it's immature."

Carrie was having none of it, saying forcefully: "You spoke about how she acted as a child, you know, when she should have been able to act as a child? When she was a child. But she was preyed upon by a man and lost part of herself in that. I'm unsure how that article today helps when I'm assuming, like the entire nation, you want violence against women and children to end?"

Carrie takes a tumble

It was more than a little funny when Carrie tripped on her towering wedge heels just after the team crossed to her to cover the tennis back in 2013.

Luckily, Carrie saw the funny side, as she fought to regain her composure.

So did the public, the term "Carrie Stackmore" trending on twitter afterwards.

Tied to the desk

Carrie was left awkwardly stuck behind the presenting desk while her co-hosts went to congratulate fellow host Gorgi Coghlan, who had just performed an acoustic song after being revealed as one of the Masked Singers.

“Gorgi, Gorgi!” Carrie yelled to her co-star across the studio, before concluding she couldn’t be heard.

“I can’t (come over) I’m attached,” she added.

It's most likely her mic cord was stuck, preventing her from leaving the desk.

Her rude slip of the tongue

Carrie shocked many sensitive ears when she mispronounced the airline Qantas during a news story in 2012.

She inadvertently dropped the C-bomb when trying to say the airline's name.

While those on social media saw the funny side, making her a viral sensation, Carrie was quick to apologise on Twitter: "Any publicity is good publicity right??!! Sorry @qantasairways and my nan."

Starting Monday, Chrissie Swan and Georgie Tunny will be filling in for Carrie as she enjoys a few months off.

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