Carrie Bickmore shares heartwarming pregnancy moment

Carrie Bickmore has been open about her third pregnancy, documenting the journey on social media.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the 37-year-old shared a heartwarming moment of her unborn baby kicking away.

“Love a little hand feeling its brother or sister kick,” she captioned the clip that shows her stomach noticeably moving under someone’s hand.

And it looks to be the little hand of either Carrie’s 11-year-old son Oliver, whom she had with her late husband Greg Lange, or three-year-old daughter Evie whom she had with her current partner Chris Walker.

Either way, we’d guess they are completely mesmerised by the feel of their new family member happily kicking.

Carrie Bickmore’s children, Oliver, 11 and Evie, 3. Source: Instagram/Carrie Bickmore
Carrie Bickmore has been openly honest about her third pregnancy being harder than before. Source: Instagram/Carrie Bickmore

The much-loved presenter made the announcement she was pregnant via Instagram in June while sharing a sweet video she recorded with her family that showed Oliver telling the exciting news to his younger sister. 

However, Carrie has also admitted that this time around her pregnancy has been “harder” than ever. 

“…Because I’m older now, it’s harder!” she told TV Week at the Logies.

Carrie also added she didn’t see another child in her future.

“I can’t see myself as a mum-of-four,” she said. “Let’s see how this one goes first.”

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