Carrie Bickmore loses it as co-hosts roast her: 'Another boyfriend'

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Carrie Bickmore was roasted on Monday night's episode of The Project after she accidentally shared a photo of an old boyfriend.

The photo came about as the hosts were talking about MTV's 40th anniversary with Carrie sharing a story about her dad attending the MTV VMAs when she was a teenager.

Carrie Bickmore with Waleed Aly on The Project
Carrie Bickmore lost it on Monday night when she accidentally shared a photo of an old boyfriend, causing her co-hosts to roast her. Photo: Ten

"I remember when I was about 16 or 17, because my dad worked in radio, he got invited to the MTV music awards, which was the big award show they had in London. And he asked me if I wanted to come and I was like, 'Nah,' I didn't really want to leave my friends," she told a shocked Waleed Aly.


"I know! So I didn't go with him! I know, what was I thinking! And he went and he was a bit tired, so he had a quick nap before the award show and he slept through the whole thing!

"And all he did was he brought me back an MTV t-shirt to say 'Oh well, I didn't go, you didn't go, but here's the T-shirt.' And I wore that T-shirt for about ten years! I even had my wisdom teeth out in this T-shirt!" she added as a photo of herself and a young man appeared on the screen.

Peter Hellier, Waleed Aly and Steve Price and Carrie Bickmore on The Project
Peter Hellier, Waleed Aly and Steve Price poked fun at Carrie after seeing a photo of her and an old boyfriend. Photo: Ten

"Is that the next Bachelor?" Peter Hellier joked as the photo came up. "Who's that?"

In stitches, Carrie responded, "That was my boyfriend at the time!"

"There we go!" he exclaimed, as Steve Price quipped, "Not another boyfriend!"

"Is that why you bring these photos?" Peter asked.

"There's a new one every week!" Steve added.

Carrie Bickmore and her high school boyfriend
This photo caused quite the stir on The Project set. Photo: Ten

"Is that why you bring these photos? To take a stroll down memory lane?" Peter pushed.

"I didn't realise they were going to leave him in it!" Carrie managed to say, through her laughter. "Hey Matt!"

"You wanted him cut out? What happened? What happened in the end?" Peter continued. 

"I didn't want you to do this!" she responded.

"Boyfriends everywhere..." Steve added.

Carrie Bickmore at her formal
This photo also had her co-hosts poking fun at her recently. Photo: Ten

Earlier this year Carrie was roasted when another photo of an ex-boyfriend was shared from her year 12 formal.

"Back in the day they photoshopped you to look like a ventriloquist in one of your high school photos," Pete joked at the time.

"That's my year twelve ball!" Carrie told them as she broke into fits of laughter. "I so desperately wanted him [her date] to kiss me that night and I only found out years later I never had a chance!"

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