Candice Warner on keeping the romance alive in David Warner marriage

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  • David Warner
    David Warner
    Australian cricketer
  • Candice Warner
    Australian surf life saver, triathlete and model

Candice Warner has opened up about her husband David Warner being away for 300 days of the year and slipped in a candid sex confession in the process.

The retired ironwoman and wife of cricket star David Warner chatted with Sarah McGilvray and Cathrine Mahoney on Nova’s Not Another Parenting Podcast about being a mum of three while her husband works away.

Candice and David Warner posing on the red carpet
Candice Warner has opened up about David Warner being away for 300 days of the year. Photo: Getty Images

Candice said David, who is currently playing in the First Ashes Test in Brisbane, is “generally away 300 days of the year”.

“So at the moment, he's been away for three months. At the start of the year he was away for three months. In the last 14 months we've probably spent on and off three months together… that’s a lot of time,” she said.

“Do you and David still have a snog?” the podcast hosts asked Candice, to which she replied: “I mean obviously when he’s in the country. He tries to, he’s very affectionate.

“He’s very thoughtful, affectionate, always sending flowers. Where I’m just, just get to the point. I’m just you know, there’s none of this, let’s just get it done,” she said.

“You know what we’re tired, as mother’s we are tired, even as wives, partners. We’re the ones who do everything around the house. Let’s face it we are exhausted, when we go to bed, well I want to go to sleep.”


David Warner and Candice Warner selfie
Candice said it's hard trying to juggle motherhood as a mostly single-parent. Photo: Instagram/Candice Warner

Candice also spoke about how difficult it’s been since Covid, as usually, the couple wouldn’t go more than six or seven weeks without seeing each other as he would “just pop over in between tours”.

“It has been hard. Just being the single Mum, it’s kind of not what I signed up for. I'm building a house, homeschooling, lockdowns. Itt has been a juggle and it's been really tough to be completely honest. I haven't enjoyed it and each day is something different and my kids are at the age now where they start to test you, they miss Dad, they understand what's going on, and it has been difficult,” she said.

She also revealed she doesn’t like to burden David, despite feeling like she can lean on him when she needs to.

Candice Warner and David Warner with their kids
Candice said she's David's biggest supporter. Photo: Instagram/Candice Warner

“It's difficult because he's your husband and your best friend. And that's the person who you turn to normally," she said. 

"But knowing that he's got a game for Australia World Cup final or the Ashes, and I don't want him to be distracted and he needs to be purely focused on that. It then becomes really, you feel very alone. 

"And then you're well who can I turn to? So that's where for me it's been difficult this past three months. Who do I turn to when my husband's there? And yes, he would love me to open up to him. But I don't want him to have that burden that pressure when he's already going through so much. He needs to be focused, clear minded and go out you know, opening the batting for Australia in the best possible headspace. So that's where it's a challenge.”

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