Can you see what's wrong with this woman's bikini?

Bikinis across the year have left us everything from impressed to stunned, but perhaps the most bonkers bikini moment of 2020 occurred when the bikini wasn’t there at all.

Earlier this year, beachgoers were left in shock when they took a closer look at a woman walking down Venice Beach, in LA.

Instagram model wears body paint bikini
There is something off about the model's bikini, do you know what it is? Photo: Instagram/Jenthebodypainter

Instagram model Noel Leon was kitted out in what looked like a bikini top and denim shorts, but on closer inspection things weren’t quite that.

Can you spot what’s wrong with this bikini?

“Hey do you like my outfit,” the model asked one person.

“Oh sh** I just realised,” was the woman’s stunned response.


Turns out the bikini is actually painted on. The very convincing creation is an oldie but a goodie by Jen The Body Painter and her team, who travelled to LA for the experiment in January.

Jen and her daughter painted Noel in a bikini top and jean shorts.

model poses in paint bikini
A closer looks reveals the model isn't wearing a stitch of clothing! Photo: Instagram/@Jenthebodypainter

“That is paint, you are a naked-a** girl. That is awesome, let me take a picture,” another woman said when she took a closer look.

Asked if they thought she could wear the ‘outfit’ out in public, their response was “definitely, girl”.

Jen has also tricked gym goers by painting two models in activewear and did a similar experiment which saw another model walking ‘naked’ through a shopping mall.

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