'When Calls the Heart' Fans, You Likely Missed Erin Krakow's Rare Double Date

When Erin Krakow isn't busy filming When Calls the Heart, she's going on double dates with her co-stars!

In a post uploaded on Instagram on May 16, the Hallmark actress gave a sneak peek into her romantic life with boyfriend Ben Rosenbaum (who also stars as Mike Hickam on When Calls the Heart). The two revealed they recently hung out with co-star Kevin McGarry and his fiancée Kayla Wallace (who portrayed Fiona Miller on WCTH from seasons 6 through 10), and the quartet went to dinner and an eventaway from filming the hit period drama.

"Coupla cowpokes came to Cali!" Erin and Ben captioned the joint post, showcasing a selfie of the foursome.

Naturally, seeing Erin, Ben, Kevin and Kayla together had fans all excited, leading them to voice how thrilled they were in the comments.

"The fabulous four are reunited ❤️❤️❤️❤️," one person wrote on Instagram. "Just look at the glow of utter happiness and joy between these two couples!!!! I love it 🥰," another agreed. "I think this is why when I watch the show, it makes me feel so warm. Because I think the cast is so close and they are friends, and I think that somehow comes across. Love this picture.❤️," a different follower added.

While it's rare to see snippets of Erin and Ben's life when not filming When Calls the Heart, this isn't the only time they hung out with Kevin and Kayla off-set.

Back in December 2023, the quartet reunited in New York City to celebrate the holiday season and enjoy the sights of the Big Apple. At the time, Kayla posted a selfie of the crew in the middle of Times Square, showcasing how much they love to hang out when not in front of the cameras.

"City’s made of magic," she affectionately captioned the photo on Instagram at the time.

It's nice to know that the When Calls the Heart cast enjoys being with each other, even when they're not in Hope Valley!

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