BuzzFeed Studios Animation Lab Announces New Animated Series And Social Shorts For 2024

Los Angeles, CA – May 31, 2024 – BuzzFeed Studios has announced that it’s Animation Lab, home to hit short-form animated channels across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook, like “The Land of Boggs”, “Chikn Nuggit”, “Weird Helga” and the “Good Advice Cupcake,” is expanding its current slate of content with a new Dungeons & Dragons liveplay series and two new Spanish language Latine shows.

BuzzFeed Studios Animation Lab’s new programming includes:

MAGIC & STUFF (Releasing May 31, 2024 on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook) - BuzzFeed’s first true D&D show led by an all queer female-identifying cast

PUERCO Y BABOSA (Available Now on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok) - the edgy, hilarious animated series that captures the essence of growing up Chicano!

EL MUNDO DE BOGGS (Available Now on YouTube and Facebook) “The Land of Boggs” Spanish language spin-off

BuzzFeed enters the Dungeons & Dragons space with their new liveplay series, “Magic & Stuff," showcasing an all queer female-identifying cast with diverse voices and varying levels of experience, from novices to experts. Releasing on YouTube weekly starting May 31, there will be 8 fast and punchy half-hour episodes. A breath of fresh air in a genre that can feature hours long unedited content that can be intimidating for newcomers, each episode will include epic animations and gameplay tips sprinkled throughout. These fun character moments and cool action sequences enhance watchability and accessibility for those uninitiated to D&D. The animated segments will also act as built-in short form vertical content for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Shorts. The cast includes Meredith Kesh as Freddie, a demon paladin who gives great hugs; our favorite drag queen, Syzygy, playing Mrs. Readings, a human bard “grandmother” - just don’t ask where her ex-husbands went; Elisabeth Riley as Felyn, a vampire rogue who loves gaslighting, gatekeeping, and girlbossing; Elizabeth Gottlieb, playing Ikky the Wizard, a possum sorcerer who's just a little guy; and seasoned Dungeon Master Jasmine "ThatBronzeGirl" Bhullar, actress and writer for Dimension20, DesiQuest, and Critical Role, as well as Twitch content creator.

“Magic & Stuff” is produced for BuzzFeed Studios by creators and executive producers Elisabeth Riley and Meredith Kesh, director Derek Benig, and Jun Zee Myers, Head of the Animation Lab..

The groundbreaking new animated series "Puerco y Babosa" brings audiences into the vibrant world of Latine culture like never before as it captures the essence of growing up Chicano! It marks our first animated series dedicated to Latine upbringing in America, with a focus on sibling rivalry. This series’s commitment to authenticity can be seen in the team behind the scenes - all proudly part of the Latine community, ensuring genuine storytelling that resonates with audiences. The shorts are available now on YouTube and TikTok.

"El Mundo De Boggs" is a full Spanish language dub and subtitles spinoff of the widely popular social shorts, “The Land of Boggs.” This is part of a wider initiative to expand Animation Lab properties to new territories and languages.

"Puerco y Babosa" is produced for BuzzFeed Studios by BuzzFeed Animation Lab and BuzzFeed’s Latine identity brand, Pero Like, and is spearheaded by creator and showrunner David Munguia, producers Joey Martinez and Teddy Villa, and executive producer Jun Zee Myers. "El Mundo De Boggs" is produced for BuzzFeed Studios by BuzzFeed Animation Lab showrunner Brent Sievers.

Zee Myers, Head of Animation Lab for BuzzFeed Studios stated, “We are thrilled to be announcing our exciting new animated properties for 2024 - “Magic & Stuff,” “Puerco y Babosa” and “El Mundo De Boggs.” The BuzzFeed Animation Lab has seen huge success and explosive growth for our animated properties and our new class of creators are making wonderful diverse content for 2024 - I can’t wait to share them with old and new fans.”

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The BuzzFeed Animation Lab, founded by Zee Myers in late 2017, was created to carve out space for animated characters born on the internet, for the internet, and to give artists a different path to character development using old school storytelling and new school data analysis to create animated content that brings joyful, relatable content to your feed. The Lab has evolved and grown exponentially as it pushes the envelope on how to create and define an animated show, and consistently breaks ground on new and emerging platforms, while creating a stable and artist friendly workplace, keeping diversity and inclusion, work/life balance, and open employee communication as constant and active priorities.

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