Burger King Is Releasing First-of-Their-Kind Chicken Sandwiches, and We Tried Them First

Can they beat the OG burger?

<p>Burger King</p>

Burger King

Oh man, 70 looks good on Burger King. The fast-food chain has been celebrating its platinum birthday all year with new gifts for its customers. Between giving away free food, launching its first-ever Royal Melt with chicken, and making its own birthday dessert, it’s hard to remember it’s Burger King’s party and not the other way around.

BK continues to let the good times roll by releasing yet another first-of-its-kind sandwich this month. The fast-food brand is beloved for its flame-grilled beef patties that make its burgers—like the Whopper—taste so good. Now, for the first time, BK is testing its flame-grilled method on its chicken patties.

Burger King Testing New Flame-Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and Wraps

This month Burger King is adding Flame-Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and Wraps to select menus at restaurants in Ohama, Nebraska, and Huntsville, Alabama. The market test will decide if the flame-grilled chicken will make it to menus nationwide at a later date.

<p>Burger King</p>

Burger King

During the limited-time test, customers can try the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich with a flame-grilled chicken breast patty instead of the crispy chicken patty—and the Royal Crispy Wraps will be served with half a flame-grilled chicken breast patty. The Flame-Grilled Chicken Sandwiches will be available in all three traditional flavors: Classic, Fiery, and Bacon Swiss. Guests can try the Flame-Grilled Royal Crispy Wraps in Classic, Fiery, Honey Mustard, Philly, Fiery Bacon, and Bacon and Cheddar.

If customers sign off on the new cooking method, BK will likely bring the menu items to restaurants nationwide sometime soon. We recently tried the new menu items at a restaurant in Alabama for review.

Our Honest Review of BK's New Flame-Grilled Menu Items

Allrecipes Allstar Bri Evans (Love2CookMommy) and her husband tried both the Classic Flame-Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the Honey Mustard Flame-Grilled Wrap the day the items arrived on the menu. After some confusion with the employees over which new menu items they wanted to try, Evans says she waited about 10 minutes for both items to be made.

They tried the wrap first and were a little disappointed by the size of the chicken strip—and the wrap itself.

“At first glance, the wrap length was twice as long as the length of the chicken strip they gave [us],” Evans told Allrecipes. “The chicken was so tough, it was inedible. I wasn’t able to bite into it except for one small edge that was softer than the rest. [However], everything about the wrap, other than the chicken, was wonderful—a really enjoyable honey mustard [and] tortilla [and] the lettuce and tomato were fresh in quality and texture. If the flame-broiled chicken patty had been softer, I think my husband and I would have really enjoyed [it].”

They moved on to the sandwich and found a similar experience with the tough chicken patty.

“The chicken was something we were able to bite into, but it was still very tough compared to other grilled sandwiches [at Burger King]. The smoky flame-broiled smell was strong but the flavor was good and the lettuce, tomato, and sauce were evenly distributed,” Evans said.

While Evans said her experience at the Burger King restaurant was above and beyond most fast-food restaurants’ hospitality, the menu items fell flat. The flame-grilled chicken seemed to be overcooked and too tough to enjoy in the sandwich and wrap.

However, knowing it was the first day on the menu, Evans said if BK can get the chicken to be “softer in texture” she could see it becoming a “delicious addition to the Burger King menu.”

It seems until BK can get its cooking method down, the flame-grilled beef is your best bet for tasty menu items.

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