Girlfriends are turning into barbers during isolation and the results are hilarious

Client during beard shaving in barbershop. Female barber at salon. Gender equality. Woman in the male profession.
Girlfriends are giving their boyfriends hair cuts at home. Photo: Getty Images

With the government telling us to stay at home and practice social distancing when we venture outside due to the coronavirus, many men are now asking their other halves to cut their hair for them from the safety of their own homes - and the results are comical.

Streams of men have taken to social media to upload snaps from their bathrooms, after trusting their partner with the scissors.

Many were left with no other option but to shave their whole head afterwards while others left it at it was, saying it’s a good thing they’re in self-isolation.

Here’s our pick of our favourites below:

This guy’s girlfriend left him just enough to keep a combover on the front.

The sales of hats will be through the roof after this.

This one has a Peaky Blinders looks about it.

“Looks as though it's been cut with a knife and fork”.

Expectation Vs reality.

Even Amy Schumer’s at it.

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