You can now buy workout equipment from Bunnings

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Within days of the Prime Minister announcing strict social distancing measures that forced gyms and fitness centres to shut up shop and outdoor bootcamps canned around the country, the fallout was swift.

People quickly started panic-buying exercise equipment in order to put their gym memberships on hold and workout from home, which saw shelves at stores like Kmart quickly sitting near empty.

That’s where Bunnings has come in with a surprise new product launch.

Bunnings now has workout equipment. Photo: Getty

The household and hardware chain has launched workout gear via its online store MarketLink, offering sought after gym accessories like Adidas-branded yoga mats, resistance bands and skipping ropes, and even exercise machines.

And the best part - it can all be delivered to your home.

Bunnings' new workout range is available online. Photo: Bunnings

Some of the exercise equipment you can buy includes:

  • Treadmills that fold away for $422.95

  • Elliptical machines

  • Exercise bikes - a small one for $129 or a resistance version for $299

  • Rowing machines

The hardware giant now has a treadmill on offer. Photo: Bunnings

Shoppers unable to find workout gear in stores

Disgruntled shoppers have took to social media last week to share their dismay at near-empty shelves.

“Let’s buy weights & yoga mats, every single person in Sydney said #coronavirus,” wrote one on Twitter.

“I went to Kmart the morning after the PM announced gyms would close, at 7am, and all that was left was 1kg dumbbells. The shelves had been completely cleared out,” another shopper told Yahoo Lifestyle.

And it wasn’t just the case in Australia, as one Walmart customer from the US revealed.

“Went to buy some hand weights to work out at home...all sold out. A couple told me they have went to four stores and everything was gone,” they wrote.

Exclusive shopping hour introduced at Bunnings

The new product additions come after Bunnings announced a dedicated shopping hour for two groups of customers, in a bid to ensure access to what they need amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The list of changes have been implemented nationwide “in the interests of team and customer safety and as part of ongoing efforts to give customers access to the products they need”.

Among these changes is a dedicated shopping hour which will allow for tradesmen and health and emergency service workers to have exclusive access before 9am on weekdays.

Stores now close at 7pm, to allow staff to restock the shelves and thoroughly clean the store.

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