Brooke Blurton spills on the future of The Bachelor franchise

The former Bachelorette shares what she would like to see in the upcoming season of The Bachelor later this year.

Video transcript

BROOKE BLURTON: It's a bit outdated. Like, let's be honest. Do you know what? People won't know this. But I have a lot of ideas around the franchise.

Like, I think it could be doing more. I think my season was only kind of, like, scratched the surface with what it's capable of doing, in terms of what it could address, the conversations it can have, what it means for people who watch "The Bachelor," because it's a bit outdated. Like, let's be honest.

And I think, for me, I kind of came to the production with my own ideas for the season. And some of them weren't executed in my season, due to COVID. But I'm really hoping that COVID doesn't have an impact on the next season, because I think it can be great.

And I think-- I, one, said, change of location to a place where it's so much more enjoyable. I even suggested WA, because it's so isolated. And then, also, it's beautiful weather, like, the majority of the year.

So the fact that they're taking to the Gold Coast, I'm so here for it, because, when you're freezing your little bum off in the middle of winter at these cocktail parties, you are breathing frozen air, no one wants to watch someone be cold. No, someone-- people want to watch people living their best life, warm, sun-baked. Like, you know, we want to live through that.

I'm excited to see Osher again. I love Osh. And you know what? Like, I'm over here. Call me anytime, Osher. You need a co-host? I'm your gal. I haven't had a success yet. But maybe I can be the pessimist.

- Maybe.

- Because it's like-- maybe I'm like, he's really, like, about love. And I'm like, look guys, it may or may not work, like, 50-50.

- Or you can, like, drive them home from the mansion and just be like, look, here's a therapy session that you need to get [INAUDIBLE].

BROOKE BLURTON: If you need something, like a shoulder to cry on, my shoulders are big enough.

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