Brooke Blurton shares brutal opinion of her Bachelorette season

She made history last year as the first bisexual and First Nations Bachelorette, but Brooke Blurton has now shared her brutally honest opinion of her season of the dating show while reflecting on its one-year anniversary.

Taking to her Instagram Story on Friday, the 27-year-old spoke candidly with her followers about how she believes she was the “s**ttest Bachelorette”.

Bachelorette Brooke Blurton.
Brooke Blurton says that she thinks she was the ’s**ttest Bachelorette’. Photo: Channel Ten

“So I was actually thinking about The Bachelorette with it being a year since finale, and I was thinking, wow,” she began. “On a global scale, amazing, great. Progression levels, great.

“In terms of entertainment value, did I provide it? Absolutely f**king not. I think I was the s**ttest Bachelorette.”


Brooke, who had previously appeared on The Bachelor in 2018 and Bachelor in Paradise the following year, went on to comment on the ratings her season received. The show, unfortunately, scored its lowest premiere viewership yet with just 397,000 people tuning in and had an even lower audience for the finale.

“Like yeah, the ratings will probably tell you otherwise,” she continued, before quickly adding, “Actually no, they’ll tell you that I was pretty s**t. Actually, I did win the youth categories, that’s all that counts for me.

“But I was so s**t,” she laughed. “I was sleep deprived, I was worked like a dog. I just can’t believe I got through that whole thing and still found at least someone in the end. Not with them now, but I just can’t believe it.

“I’m definitely not built for something like that and I think still to this day that I was the s**ttest Bachelorette. That’s not very positive, but I still think that.”

Brooke Blurton's Instagram Stories
‘I’m definitely not built for something like that and I think still to this day that I was the s**ttest Bachelorette.’ Photo: Instagram/brooke.blurton

‘Very proud’

Brooke’s candid admission comes after she shared a lengthy post on social media celebrating the year that’s passed since The Bachelorette and where she’s at now.

“Today it has been a year since @bacheloretteau finale and can I just say. What a year,” she wrote. “But thank you. Thank you to everyone who still stood by me in the chaos, the ups, the breakdowns, my book. EVERYTHING!


“I feel and still very proud that I was your first EVER First Nations and bisexual bachelorette. As much as that chapter has come to a full close. Representation, inclusivity, diversity STILL MATTERS. That chapter won't ever stop.

“One day I will find my person, but right now I’m happy dating myself.”

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