Brooke Blurton announces memoir detailing her difficult childhood

She’s made quite a name for herself since rising to fame on The Bachelor franchise, and now Brooke Blurton is stepping away from reality TV and speaking her truth with her upcoming memoir, Big Love.

The 27-year-old youth worker, who made history last year as the first bisexual and First Nations Bachelorette, took to social media on Monday to reveal the exciting project set to be released in October.

Brooke Blurton smiling.
Brooke Blurton has announced that she’s currently writing a memoir titled ‘Big Love’. Photo: Instagram/brooke.blurton

“Thrilled to announce my HUGE news,” she captioned the post. “No more secret squirrel, it’s coming out.”

The memoir serves as part of a major deal with HarperCollins Australia, in which she will also develop a teen fiction series next year with Bigambul and Wakka Wakka writer Melanie Saward.

While she’s been open about her difficult upbringing in the past, Brooke will reveal the full extent of her childhood trauma in the upcoming book.


“Everything you thought of me and everything you assumed of me is probably completely incorrect. When the book is done, it’s going to be like a breath of fresh air,” she told Stellar magazine about the memoir, which she is currently writing.

“I feel more pressure writing this book than I did doing what I did on TV, really. You always want to tell the story with integrity, which is what I’ve done with everything in my life.”

Brooke Blurton smiling taking a selfie.
Brooke is set to open up about her difficult upbringing in her memoir. Photo: Instagram/brooke.blurton

‘Growing up was pretty complicated’

Born and raised in Carnarvon, Western Australia, the proud Noongar-Yamatji woman is one of eight children brought up in a home filled with drug and alcohol-fuelled violence.

“I figured out that the way that I lived wasn't exactly normal when my brothers and I went into foster care. We were treated well in care and that became the comparison that helped me to develop expectations,” she told NW in 2018.

“That doesn't go to say that my family didn't love me, I did have a loving family but my mum just struggled to provide us with what we needed.”

In her 2019 TED Talk she revealed that she lost her grandmother at age 11, her mother committed suicide around the same time, and she was sexually assaulted at her mother’s funeral.

She then went to live in Perth with her father, who she’s said “wasn’t that supportive”, and was kicked out of home at 15.

“Growing up was pretty complicated,” she said on the SBS program Noongar Dandjoo.

Brooke Blurton wearing an Aboriginal flag T-shirt.
The proud Noongar-Yamatji woman has described her childhood as ‘complicated’. Photo: Instagram/brooke.blurton

‘This is my true self’

Brooke’s announcement comes shortly after she spoke candidly with Yahoo Lifestyle about having confidence in herself heading into the next chapter of her life post-reality TV.

“I think as I've matured and gotten more comfortable in my skin with my cultural identity and my sexuality, it’s a full-circle moment of being like, this is my true self,” she said.

“And I think there's a lot of depth to just being who you are and being proud of that and I think I've owned that over time. It wasn't always necessarily the case, but now I like the person that I am in terms of what I want to achieve for the world in the advocacy work that I do with young people.”

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