“Bridgerton” star reveals her motorized wig took 2 years to design so it didn’t blow up or electrocute her

“Bridgerton” star reveals her motorized wig took 2 years to design so it didn’t blow up or electrocute her

"Her brain is so messed up with ideas," Golda Rosheuvel said of hair artist Erika Ökvist. "Some of the ideas I had to go, 'No!'"

If you thought the wigs of Bridgerton were already a royally impossible spectacle of hair artistry, star Golda Rosheuvel has revealed that she had to refuse even more elaborate ideas for sky-high pieces that the Netflix drama's creative team combed out for her.

The actress — who plays Queen Charlotte on the steamy Shonda Rhimes-produced series — made the revelation Friday on The View, after cohost and Bridgerton fan Sunny Hostin inquired about a recent wig that saw the character sporting "motorized swans," as the legal expert described it.

"Erika [Ökvist], our designer, an amazing human being, a talent beyond talent, her brain is so messed up with ideas. Some of the ideas I had to go, 'No!'" Rosheuvel said. "At one point, she wanted a boat — a full ship — on my head, and I was like, 'It's not going to work, babe.'"

<p>Liam Daniel/Netflix</p> Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte on 'Bridgerton'

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte on 'Bridgerton'

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Now that the show is in its third season, Rosheuvel further remembered that the hair team initially pitched the idea to incorporate motorized elements into her wigs roughly two years ago, and it took that long to clear the devices for usage, "because obviously there's health and safety" and they didn't "want it blowing up on my head or electrocuting me," she said with a laugh.

"Surprisingly, it's very light because one of the specifications that I had was that the battery pack ... couldn't be in the wig, so you have the plate that's quite light that the swans go around, and the wire goes down my back into the battery pack secured to my thigh," she explained of the mechanism the crew landed on. "It was most fun when the sound director would come and lift my skirt off to turn me off in between takes. That was a moment!"

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Hostin's inquiry came after the longtime View cohost explained to Entertainment Weekly in an interview for her new Summer on Highland Beach book that her upcoming Amazon Prime TV series adaptation of her three-book Summer series of beach reads would maintain overtly sexual elements inspired by Bridgerton.

“We’re seeing Bridgerton, and these scenes are shot through a woman’s gaze. Before, you didn’t have that. We have the new movie, The Idea of You with Anne Hathaway, you’ve got this alleged cougar story, but it’s from a woman’s perspective. My books are from a female gaze, and Octavia and I want to maintain that for the series," she said, referencing producer Octavia Spencer's involvement in the project. "There will be that. There’s no question, because it starts with a one-night stand and someone dumping the character."

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