Bridgerton Season 3: How the Netflix Drama Made the Book’s Steamy Carriage Scene Even Better

The following contains major spoilers from Bridgerton Season 3, Part 1 (Episodes 1-4).  Proceed accordingly.

We knew that Colin and Penelope were in for an interesting ride in Bridgerton’s highly anticipated third season, but Episode 4 really took that to heart. (All four episodes that make up Season 3, Part 1 are now streaming on Netflix.)

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Following a crushing rejection by Lord Debling because of her obvious feelings for Colin, and then finding no support from her overbearing mother, Penelope braced for a silent, solo ride home in her family’s carriage. But like a dashing hero in the night, Colin swooped in with the intent of stopping her from marrying the wrong man — a futile effort considering Lord Debling didn’t propose.

In Julia Quinn’s bestselling novel Romancing Mister Bridgerton, the pair finds themselves in that carriage under wholly different circumstances (which we will not ruin for those who’ve not yet read it) but the sentiment is the same. It’s the cathartic point at which Colin and Penelope reveal their feelings for each other and finally (!!!) act on them. On the page, Colin kissed Penelope, who then invited him to touch her, which then led to some heavy groping and sensual dry humping (and rocking that carriage more than it already was).

Colin used few words to express externally how he felt during that moment in the book, with his “You are beautiful” line standing out the most, and things played out differently on screen. As Penelope laughed off the idea of them being together, Violet’s third-born son pushed back with the sort of romantic declaration we’ve come to love about Bridgerton.

“What if I did have feelings for you?” he began. “I have spent so long trying to feel less, trying to be the kind of man society expects me to be. And for a moment, I thought I had succeeded. But these past few weeks have been full of confounding feelings. Feelings like a total inability to stop thinking about you — about that kiss. Feelings like dreaming of you when I’m asleep. And, in fact, preferring sleep because that is where I might find you. A feeling that is like torture, but one which I cannot, will not, do not want to give up.”

Penelope’s response was equally endearing. “Colin, we are friends,” she hedged. “But I would very much like to be more than friends.”

Bridgerton Season 3
Bridgerton Season 3

A stripped-down version of “Give Me Everything” by Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Afrojack highlighted the steamy moment which did, indeed, give us everything: passionate kissing, longing stares, a gentle hand through Colin’s tousled hair and a not-so-gentle hand elsewhere.

The scene reached its — ahem — climax just as the carriage stopped in front of the Bridgertons’ home, and we’re left with this lovely image of the pair laughing at themselves (and Colin’s joke) for the abrupt interruption. Colin then invited Penelope inside with words straight from the page: “For God’s sake, Penelope, are you going to marry me or not?”

Unfortunately, the second batch of Season 3 episodes don’t arrive until Thursday, June 13. The wait certainly is inconvenient, but we’re going to spend it basking in the afterglow of the “Polin’” moment that exceeded all our expectations.

What did you think of Bridgerton Season 3, Part 1? Grade all four episodes below, and then share your feelings in the comments!

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