‘Bridgerton’ Fans Figured a Much Spicer Way to Watch Season 3 Thanks to a Very Useful Netflix Feature

bridgerton l to r luke newton as colin bridgerton, nicola coughlan as penelope featherington in episode 10 of bridgerton cr courtesy of netflix © 2023
‘Bridgerton’ Fans Figured a Spicer Way to Watch S3Netflix

We're interrupting your current Bridgerton rewatch to give you a brand new way that you should watch this season and yes, it is totally making this hotter for fans, especially in *that* scene.

Fans on X (formerly Twitter) have been posting about their new re-watch of Bridgerton and how changing the audio to the audio description option makes some of the scenes so much spicer compared to how they're originally portrayed. It's basically like listening to your favorite romance book or something even hotter.

In fact, even Netflix got in on the fun by posting a clip on their account of the carriage scene that shows just how the feature works:

If you've never used the feature before, it's as simple as just changing the language on your Netflix, which you can access right on your screen as you're watching your show. Audio descriptions have existed even before streaming as networks and cable channels used them to help visually impaired or blind viewers watch programs.

Not only does it narrate what is going on in the screen, but it also helps by pointing out some important details that even non-visually impaired viewers might miss. And while the intention of audio description isn't to make scenes hotter, it certainly does add an extra layer to what you're watching.

Hopefully, this adds more awareness to the very useful features and even gives Netflix and other networks and streamers ideas for their future shows. We certainly would love to see it.

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