Brides spark debate over $300 wedding Crocs: 'Just no'

The controversial footwear has split opinion.

Brides often opt for style over comfort on their wedding day, but there now appears to be an option that combines both. Forget pricey, red-soled high heels because brides now have bejewelled Crocs to wear on their big day.

Images of wedding Crocs have been circulating on social media for a while now, including pairs by designer ShelbpezBoutique, who transforms the lightweight clogs into blinged-out bridal shoes covered in pearls and crystal letters that spell out "bride". Usually $70, these showstoppers are being sold on Etsy for between $270 and $300.

Bride wearing Crocs; Bejewelled wedding Crocs
Wedding Crocs are dividing the internet. Photo: Facebook/Crocs, ShelbpezBoutique

Crocs are divisive at the best of times, but the idea of wearing them to accompany a wedding dress has really split observers. One Facebook user shared her opinion on a post about the footwear, commenting, "Absolutely awful. It's so unfeminine and unflattering," while someone else simply said, "just no".


"This is how loveless marriages begin," one user joked, and another chimed in with, "Plastic shoes with a pretty dress. I don’t know how I feel about that?"

While there seemed to be a great deal of haters, others embraced the idea, arguing that comfort in a bridal look is "genius". "Oh yay! No pain at the end of the day, I wish they would have existed when I was young," a fan commented, while another enthusiastically wrote, "Crocs really are for every occasion. Go the Crocs!"

Bejewelled wedding Crocs
Brides who opted for Crocs on their wedding day say they couldn't be happier with their choice of footwear. Photo: ShelbpezBoutique

It's hard to argue with the concept of getting through a wedding blister-free. One bride who chose to wear Crocs to her wedding said she had no regrets about her decision. "I got married in a pair of white Crocs two years ago. It was the best thing ever. So comfy!" she said.

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