'Why dress for your ex?': Bride's bizarre query trolled online

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The bride shared two options for her gown, but it was her caption that had eyebrows through the roof. Photo: Facebook

A bride has strayed into very strange territory with a wedding dress post that appears to be counting her ex-boyfriend as a major factor in her decision making on the big day.

The unidentified bride took to Facebook with two dress options looking for advice, but it was her comment in the description that sparked the majority of responses, rather than opinions on the two dresses.

The full post, shared to Reddit, detailed a bizarre reason the bride wanted to look her best. Photo: Reddit

“Left or right?” the bride queried alongside the two options.

“Also, my ex will be at the wedding (long story), so it’s important that I look good!”

Onlookers were quick to do a double-take at the final line, wondering why on earth a soon to be married woman would be concerned with her ex-boyfriend’s opinion on her wedding day of all days.

Onlookers react

Reddit thread sharing the post exploded with commentary in a matter of hours, all of which seemed to ask the same question of the bride-to-be.

“Imagine making YOUR WEDDING about ANOTHER MAN instead of your future husband. Yikes,” one person pointed out.

“Worrying about ex at your wedding is... weird. Just don't invite him lol,” another suggested.

“I mean, inviting your ex to the wedding isn't necessarily a bad thing at all, if you're on really good terms with them and your current spouse is comfortable,” one balanced individual pointed out.

“But worrying about looking good for them? Super, super weird.”

“Gotta look good for that ex!” another wrote.

In other news, the consensus firmly fell to the dress on the right as the favourite for the big night, no word yet on the ex’s thoughts.

It’s not the first time a bride’s gown and decision-making process has come under fire.

One bride chose a bodysuit over a traditional gown in a polarising decision, while another’s bridesmaid dresses were described as ‘vulva jumpsuits’ and ridiculed online.

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