Bride's rant backfires as she asks pretty sister to 'cover up'

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A bride has demanded her younger sister wear something 'modest' to her wedding. Photo: Getty Images

A bride’s rant has backfired spectacularly, after she demanded her pretty sister ‘cover up’ for her wedding, so as not to steal her limelight.

In a since-deleted Reddit post, the bride explained her younger sister ‘works out’ to deliberately craft a superior figure to her own.

The sister is also around a decade younger than the bride, and therefore naturally more youthful-looking as she is, well, younger.

Ahead of her big day the woman, tired of playing second fiddle to her pretty sibling, decided to take drastic action.

She asked her sister to wear ‘modest’ clothing in order to avoid drawing attention to herself.

“Preferably something loose-fitting, past the knees, and with long sleeves,” the bride specified in the post.

The bride hopes her sister would wear something loose-fitting. Photo: Getty Images

Facing alot of backlash from her sister and family, the bride posed a question that was swiftly and mercilessly answered.

“Am I the a**hole or asking my sister to wear something modest to my wedding?” she wondered.

The short answer, according to Reddit, was, yes.

“The issue isn't that you want her to dress modestly -- the issue is that you have a problem with how she looks and you want to make sure you're prettier than her,’ one person pointed out.

“I just don't understand how petty you have to be to complain about someone else working out,” another agreed.

“You don’t get to dictate what people wear because you are jealous,” was one person’s summation.

“Kind of feel bad for you that you feel your younger sister will get more attention than you on your wedding day just because she’s pretty.”

If one thing is for certain, it’s that the group consensus was definitely in the sister’s favour.

It’s not the first time a bride’s demands have raised eyebrows and objections online.

Recently a bride trawled the internet in search of someone to edit her cousin’s breasts, exposed by a tight dress, out of her wedding photos.

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