Bride sparks debate after asking bridesmaids to pay for their dresses: 'Crazy'

"My bridal party is not happy with me right now."

A bride's dilemma has gone viral on TikTok after she admitted her bridesmaids weren't happy with her after she asked them to pay for their own bridesmaid dresses.

The dresses, which cost $250 each, were picked out by the bride and while she said she let her bridal party know in advance they'd be paying for their dresses, the party is now "not happy" with her and disputing that the bride should be the one paying.

“I just sent them all the details for the dress that I would like them all to wear and they all say $250 for a bridesmaid dress is crazy and that I should be paying for it, not them,” the bride said.

“My bridal party is not happy with me right now.”

The dilemma, which was posted on The Brodie Bride's TikTok account, finished with the bride saying that in any previous wedding she had been part of, she covered the cost of her own hair, makeup, travel, and dress.

bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets
One bride has admitted her bridal party is unhappy with her after she asked them to pay for their own dresses. Photo: Getty

"So I'm not sure why they think I should suddenly be paying for it and not them," she said.

The TikTok, which has now been viewed over 2 million times, has over 1800 comments and opinions were very mixed.


"I’ve been a bridesmaid 3 times and I’ve always paid for my dress," one person said.

Someone else said that in Australia they had never heard of bridesmaids paying for anything. "I paid for dresses, hair, makeup," they wrote. "They only paid for their shoes!! In Australia I have never heard of the bridesmaids paying for anything!"

Another person agreed. "If you want bridesmaids you cover their dress, hair and makeup costs," they commented.

"I really struggle with this, I’m from the UK and when I asked my bridesmaids to be part of my wedding, I didn’t expect them to pay a single thing. I don’t get why in the US they should pay for a dress," another person said.

Other suggestions were all about compromising the situation.

"My bridesmaids paid for their dress," one person said. "But I paid for their hair and makeup as a gift."

"If you’re selecting a specific dress you pay. Otherwise, give them the colour and length and let them shop around and then they pay," another person said.

"Mine are paying for their own dresses, all I chose was the colour, they are choosing the style and shade of colour. I’m paying for hair, makeup, bouquets, rehearsal dinner and dinner at the wedding," another bride suggested.

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