Bride slammed for 'stupid' wedding idea involving puppies

A bride-to-be has received fierce backlash online after revealing she was keen to tie puppies to every single table at her wedding reception.

Taking to Facebook, the woman revealed both she and her future husband loved dogs and thought it would be “cute” to use the puppies as “decor”.

invitation for guests for the wedding ceremony in the garden
A bride has sparked outrage with a wedding idea. Photo: Getty

“We love puppies and thought it would be cute to tie a puppy to each table for people to love on at our reception,” the bride said on Facebook.

“Where the heck would I get a bunch of puppies from?

“According to our venue, they would have to be tied with [60cm] leads so I guess I need small puppies?

“Has anyone ever used puppies as decor before?”

Group of dalmatian puppies in line, one in centre panting
A bride wants to use puppies as 'decor'. Photo: Getty

But the post was quickly inundated with people slamming the woman for her idea calling it ‘cruel’ and ‘stupid’.

“I hope a puppy urinates on her wedding dress,” one person commented.

“It’s animal cruelty and the moron should be charged,” another person wrote.

While a third said: “Obviously she has no idea how much puppies wee and poo. Imagine how smelly her wedding will be by the end of it. Lol”

A few mentioned they had often seen dogs used in weddings before but not to this extent.

“I’ve seen people walk rescue dogs down the aisle instead of holding a bouquet then the dogs get adopted by any guests who want them,” one person said. “But to go as far as to tie them to a table as decoration? No.”

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