Bride gobsmacked after sister demands she cancel her wedding

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A bride has been left gobsmacked after her engagement and planned wedding was derailed by her furious older sister’s unusual demand.

The younger sister was thrilled to announce she and her boyfriend of many years had decided to tie the knot, sharing the news with her family over dinner.

Couple announce engagement
The couple's happy announcement was quickly derailed. Photo: Getty Images

It was here that things started to go haywire.

Sharing the story on a Reddit thread, the bride-to-be explained that while some of the family was delighted, she instantly noticed her older sister seething with rage.

“My older brother and my younger sister (who is also my best friend in the world) were immediately excited and my sister came jumping with joy to congratulate me, but my older sister was very upset,” the bride writes. “She didn't accept the fact that I was going to get married first.”

Then came the death blow.

Older sister demands wedding be cancelled

Older sister talks to bride asks to cancel
The bride's older sister came forward with a jaw-dropping demand. Photo: Getty Images

“My older sister pulled me aside and asked me to postpone the wedding until she could get married first,” the bride wrote. “She thinks that, being the oldest, she should get married [before] me.”

The bride-to-be explained that her sister is not in a relationship, and was really asking her to simply wait indefinitely until she met the right person.

“I said no, that I wasn't going to do that because it wasn't fair to me or my fiance,” the bride wrote.

In perhaps the most bonkers twist of the story, some of the family began to take the older sisters side, asking the couple to at least delay the wedding for the sake of her feelings.


“My older sister started to cry and say that it would be very humiliating for her if I married first and that it would be like destroying her,” the thread continued. “My parents and some uncles ran to comfort her. My mom asked me if I couldn't postpone the wedding a little, for my sister's sake.”

“Now my parents and many of my family members are bombarding me with messages and calls asking me to cancel the engagement and calling me an a**hole for refusing. They say that if my fiance and I love each other so much, we can wait a little longer.”

“I don't want to humiliate my sister or make her sad, but I don't think it's fair what she's asking me,” she concluded.

Reddit users slam ‘entitled’ older sister

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The baffling situation, rooted in an archaic tradition of marrying off the sisters of a household in order of their birth, had many Reddit users rolling their eyes, almost everyone agreeing the older sister was being entirely unreasonable.

“This is: 1. outdated and frankly sexist thinking. 2. extremely entitled and inappropriate. 3. crossing boundaries that you will never be ok with,” one wrote.

“I don’t think [the bride] should wait,” another agreed. “If her sister is so insufferable I doubt she will find someone who wants to marry anytime soon.”

“Your sister and parents are being ridiculous,” a third posted. “Ignore them and have your wedding, with or without them.”

“This is so weird,” another wrote. “You are 100% not the a**hole here and I'm so sorry that they have made this weird for you - do not change your engagement/wedding because of anyone else.”

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