'Pure shock': Celebrant goes 'completely rogue' during wedding

Marni Dixit
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A TikTok has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after a bride shared a video from her wedding where her celebrant went "completely rogue" - and now she’s unleashed.

The video, which now has over two million views on the social media site, was shared to Reddit with the caption, "I truly didn't think you'd have to worry about your minister doing this..."

Bride Olivia Mancuso has revealed how shocked she was when her celebrant went "completely rogue" during her wedding. Photo: Instagram/Olivia Mancuso
Bride Olivia Mancuso has revealed how shocked she was when her celebrant went "completely rogue" during her wedding. Photo: Instagram/Olivia Mancuso

The bride, Olivia Mancuso, says at the beginning of the TikTok video, "So, me and my husband's minister went off script during our ceremony and then this happened..."

The celebrant is about to wrap up her duties when she decides to ditch the script and sing a very bad version of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah'.

The bride and groom are clearly shocked in the video, however, they manage to hide it very well by locking eyes with each other and keeping very serious faces.

After the video went viral, the couple shared another TikTok video where they answered people's questions about the whole thing. And, luckily, while they weren't too impressed when it happened, they now find it hilarious.

"The question we got the most was how did we not laugh? Honestly, it was pure shock, we were so shocked," Olivia said.

Her husband, Fred Mancuso, added, "Complete shock, we had no clue it was going to happen."

"She literally went on this whole speech about how specific I'd planned our script with her and then proceeded to go completely rogue," Olivia added.

She went on to say that people at her reception continually asked them about the celebrant, "We were mad for a second, but honestly it's just hilarious."

"I was looking at Olivia's face and I was like 'She's going to be so f***ing pissed off!'" Fred added.

They then revealed that the celebrant actually retired after their wedding.

Olivia and Fred Mancuso
Olivia and Fred Mancuso answered questions about the incident on TikTok saying it was a "complete shock". Photo: Instagram/Olivia Mancuso

Olivia then proceeded to do an AMA on Reddit where she admitted she and Fred almost burst out laughing when it happened.

She added that she was able to keep a straight face due to her background as a news reporter, "I used to be a news reporter, so I just channeled some of my 'reporter poise' and kept it together.

“You can see in my husbands face he was just concerned I was going to be so upset. We did pay/tip her the night before the wedding, and I didn't ask for anything back. At the end of the day it was a small, funny mishap in an overall super successful and fun wedding day!”

Someone else wrote about how they admired Olivia's reaction to the whole thing, "What I love about this is how well you’ve reacted. Some would be throwing tantrums and demanding refunds."

Olivia responded, "Thank you! In the end it made for a hilarious moment and I love to laugh more than anything."

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