'Horrible' bride savaged after wedding sparks covid outbreak

A bride has been absolutely savaged online after raving about how she “wouldn’t change a thing” from recent her wedding day, despite the fact she and some of her guests then tested positive for the coronavirus.

The woman shared a lengthy post on Facebook trying to explain why she and her husband decided to go ahead with their special day - including inviting the full 540 strong original guest list - regardless of the ongoing global pandemic, and detailed some of the measures that were in place on the day.

Wedding Sign On Tree
A bride decided to go ahead with a large wedding amid the pandemic. Photo: Getty

However, the post was clearly not received well, quickly going viral, before it was the shared to a wedding shaming Reddit thread.

“So what I and some of our guests got COVID? I wouldn't change a thing,” the reddit poster said sharing some screenshots of the original post.

In them the bride explained that only 150 of the original guest list ended up in attendance. The wedding was held outdoors and they had servers dishing food out from a buffet. There was also a hand sanitiser station and face masks available - although she wrote: “but honestly no one used them”.

“I didn’t think about Covid once the entire day,” she continued.

“I got the first look I dreamed of, we got to be with our family and friends and the people we love. I got to feel that special feeling every bride should experience.”


But then came the kicker. Not only had she caught Covid-19, but some of her guests also tested positive.

“We have had so many people test negative. A few people tested positive, but are sure they got it on a plane, or they were at my parents house for the gift opening the day after,” she wrote.

“Everyone who got it had very mild symptoms to the point where if Covid wasn’t a thing they wouldn’t have even felt sick enough to call in sick to work.

“And even though I got Covid, I wouldn’t change a thing. I got the day I dreamed of. Was it perfect? No. Is any bride’s day perfect? Probably not.”

coronavirus wedding
Photo: Reddit
wedding guests test positive to coronavirus
Photo: Reddit

The post was quickly flooded with hundreds of reactions, with most people slamming the bride for her attitude towards the virus, calling her “selfish” and “immoral”.

“I love the 'so many people tested negative'. Mate, if the number isn't 100 per cent, it means nothing,” one person commented. “People still got sick and could spread the bug around your large event, and potentially hurt people you love.”

Another outraged person said said: “Having your wedding plans disrupted by a pandemic sucks, BUT CONTRIBUTING TO A PANDEMIC AND INDIRECTLY LEADING TO THE DEATHS OF OTHER HUMANS IS HORRIBLE AND IMMORAL!”

“And this ‘Is any bride’s day perfect?’ No, but you chose to hold your day during a global pandemic. Unlike imperfect weddings that are held when the world is normal, yours could actually kill people,” was another person’s reaction.

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