Bride gets married with 34 bridesmaids in bikinis

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Bride gets married with 34 bridesmaids in bikinis

For some brides, the thought of having four bridesmaids sounds like one big headache.

But this Florida woman enlisted 34 of her closest family and friends to be by her side on her big day - all of them dressed in swimwear.

Wedding singer Casme Carter, who has over 30,000 followers on Instagram, tied the knot on June 2 on the beach in Florida.

While she initially wanted 50 bridesmaids, Casme settled with having her six sisters and 28 friends instead, after others couldn’t make it on the day.

"I wanted them all to experience the love that they've seen that I've been praying for and wanting. I wanted them to witness it first hand," Casme told CNN.

"Their time and their presence was a gift to me, just being there."

And if you thought it must have taken years for Casme to organise such a big get together, you’ll be just as shocked as us to hear that she only got engaged three months before her big day.

She said her husband-to-be thought she was joking at first when she told him how many bridesmaids she was planning to have and asked her if she expected him to have 34 groomsmen.

Casme also didn’t tell her bridesmaids there would be so many of them so it was also a huge shock for them when they arrived on the day.

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