Bride left devastated over sister-in-law's nasty dress comment

A groom has taken to the internet to ask for advice after falling out with his sister and most of his family after a comment was made about his bride’s dress.

The man started by explaining that his 27-year-old fiancée has a permanent burn scar from her collarbone down to her chest after a car accident when she was younger, in which she lost her mother.

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A bride was left devastated when the groom's sister made a nasty comment about her dress. Photo: Getty Images

He said that it’s completely unnoticeable unless she’s wearing a scoop or square neck top, but he said she’s “at peace with herself and confident”.

The only one who seems to have an issue with her scar is the groom’s sister, who has made inappropriate comments about the woman’s scar several times.

“I've called her out on her behaviour several times to get her to stop because she was hurting me before my fiancèe with her backhanded and insensitive comments. I told my fiancèe she had every right to cut my sister out and not deal with her bullshit but she has been forgiving and respectful of my entire family,” he wrote in a Reddit post.

Things came to a head when the bride decided to show her future husband’s sister her wedding dress ahead of the big day in February.


According to the groom, while he hasn’t actually seen the dress, he’s been told it has spaghetti straps, which caused his sister to blow up.

“My sister saw it and went nuts she started criticising her choice and said that she should've gotten a high nick or a jewel wedding dress to cover up the scar,” he wrote.

“She argued with my fiancèe about it. I went to my family's house and I confronted her. I yelled at her after she told me my fiancee needed to return the dress and get a "proper" one so that guests won't focus on her burn scar and use it as the topic of conversation and gossip.

“I told her that she's not invited to our wedding. She isn't welcome to my wedding with this entitled attitude of hers and her insensitivity and disrespect. We argued for half an hour then I left.”

He went on to say that an hour later his mother called him saying his sister was upset she had been uninvited from the wedding and was just trying to help and give advice to avoid ‘unnecessary’ drama on the day.

“My mom said my fiancèe can keep the dress but suggested to wear a bridal shawl as a neutral solution. I stopped responding to my mom's calls and texts after that. Family members were upset my sister was uninvited and wanted me to invite her again because this will make family look bad in front of outsiders and guests.”

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The bride's dress had spaghetti straps, something the groom's sister took offence to. Photo: Getty Images

People online said the man did the right thing by sticking up for his other half, with one person writing: “Tell your family members that your sister thinks your fiancée should be ashamed of a scar from a tragic accident and should hide it, so you disinvited her until she apologizes. And if they don't see anything wrong with what your sister said, take this as an opportunity to trim the guest list and save some money.”

”I'm laughing at the "you have no right to uninvite your sister!" comment. It's your wedding, you can invite and uninvite anyone you want. Especially someone who is insulting the bride,” another person wrote.

“You are a good man who has his partner’s back.. If your fiancée is comfortable enough in her body to show the scar in her choice of wedding dress then more power to her. Tell your family they are more than welcome to decline their invitations and the only “unnecessary” drama is being caused by your sister and them,” a commenter said.

Others said they thought it was strange that his mother was giing his bride permission to wear what she wants on her wedding day.

“The middle ground in this situation is that the bride can wear whatever she damned well likes and the sister can STFU. That stands between the bride wearing what she wants and the sister not being invited and the bride wearing what she wants and the sister properly apologising and never uttering a word about the burn scar again,” one person wrote.

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