Bride's flower girl demand for wedding sparks heated debate

Kristine Tarbert
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A text message from a bride has gone viral, after she refused to allow her flower girl to wear a tiara as it "takes attention away" from her.

The message was shared to Reddit, where it quickly sparked a heated debate, as some people believed the bride was within her right to make the demand, while others thought it was 'outrageous'.

A young bride getting her hair done before the wedding
A bride has banned her flower girl from wearing a tiara. Photo: Getty

"I wouldn't want her wearing one [a tiara] because even though she is just a little girl, it takes attention away from the bride and groom. It's disrespectful in my eyes," the message, thought to have been sent to her bridal party, read.

Some couldn't believe the bride thought it would be "disrespectful", with one woman even sharing that her own flower girl "stole the show" and the "didn't care one bit".


A few called the woman "insecure" while others said she couldn't "control everything".

"Being a bride does not make you a goddess," was one comment. "Yes, a wedding is a celebration of your marriage, but that doesn't make you the queen. You are not going to have full control over what everyone wears at a wedding. You just aren't. You can't audit every guest."

bride tiara row reddit
She thought a tiara would be 'disrespectful'. Photo: Reddit

A few thought the bride should simply "let it go".

"Some people just wear boring or inappropriate things to weddings and you can't micromanage everyone and everything. If the tiara doesn't look like those plastic child ones [in my opinion] she should just let it go."

While a few suggested perhaps the girl could wear the tiara for just the reception.

"I think this is the answer that makes the most sense. If you really don't want the tiara in the staged pictures, that's fine. But like...this is a little girl lmao. She's not 'taking the attention away from the bride'," one agreed.

While lastly, there was one user who completely flipped the blame game, pointing a firm finger at the young girl's mother instead.

"It's apparent to me that the issue here isn't that the flower girl is wearing a crown, it's that her mum obviously wants all the attention on her daughter," they wrote.

"Why else would she want her to wear something that no one else is wearing?"

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